Mounting the oven

Make sure to leave a gap (A) of at least

5 mm between the oven and each side of the cabinet.


Fit the oven into the cabinet and fix the oven firmly on both sides using 2 screws.

After installation is complete, remove the protective film, tape, and other packing material, and take out the provided accessories from inside the oven. To remove the oven from the cabinet, first disconnect power to the oven and remove 2 screws on both sides of the oven.


The oven requires ventilation for normal operation. Do not block the vents under any circumstance.


The actual appearance of the oven may differ with the model.

Before you start

Initial settings

When you power on the oven for the first time, the default time of “12:00” appears on the display where the hour element (“12”) blinks. Follow the steps below to set the current time.

1.With the hour element blinking, turn the

value dial (right-sided dial) to set the hour, and then press OK to move to the minute element.

2.With the minute element blinking, turn

the value dial to set the minute, and then press OK.

To change the current time after this initial setting, hold down the button for 3 seconds and follow the above steps.

New oven smell

Before using the oven for the first time, clean inside the oven to remove the new oven smell.

1.Remove all accessories from inside the oven.

2.Run the oven with Convection 200 °C or Conventional 200 °C for an hour. This will burn any remaining production substances in the oven.

3.When complete, turn off the oven.

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