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❑ Using the Media Play

Enjoy photos, music and/or movie files saved on a USB Mass


Storage Class (MSC) device.


Connecting a USB Device

1.Turn on your TV.

2.Connect a USB device containing photo, music and/or movie files to the USB jack on the side of the TV.

3.When USB is connected to the TV, you can select Media Play.The maximum displayed number of partition is 4.

Using the Media Play (USB) Menu

1.Press the MENU button. Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select Support, then press the ENTEREbutton.

2.Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select Media Play (USB), then press the ENTEREbutton.

3.Press the ◄ or ► button to select an icon (Videos, Music, Photos), then press the ENTEREbutton.

It might not work properly with unlicenced multimedia files.

If you want to view detailed information of the file being played, press TOOLS button in the file list, and then select Information.

Need-to-Know List before using Media Play (USB)Supported file systems are FAT and NTFS.

Certain types of USB Digital camera and audio devices may not be compatible with this TV.

Media Play only supports USB Mass Storage Class (MSC) devices. MSC is a Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport device. Examples of MSC are Thumb drives and Flash Card Readers. Devices should be connected directly to the TV’s USB port. Does not support smart devices connected in MTP or PTP protocol.

Before connecting your device to the TV, please back up your files to prevent them from damage or loss of data. SAMSUNG is not responsible for any data file damage or data loss.

A USB device that requires high power may not be supported.Do not disconnect the USB device while it is loading.

The higher the resolution of the image, the longer it takes to display on the screen.

The maximum supported JPEG resolution is 15360 x 8640 pixels.

If a file is corrupted or the TV does not support the file type, the “Not Supported File Format” message appears.

If a USB extension cable is used, the USB device may not be recognised or the files on the device may not be read.

The TV cannot play MP3 files with DRM that have been downloaded from a for-pay site. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a technology that supports the creation, distribution, and management of digital content in an integrated and comprehensive way, including protecting the rights and interests of content providers, preventing illegal copying of contents, and managing billings and settlements.

PTP device is not supported.

If an over-power warning message is displayed while you are connecting or using a USB device, the device may not be recognised or may malfunction.

The power-saving mode of some external hard disk drives may be released automatically when your connect them to the TV.

If a USB device connected to the TV is not recognised, the list of files on the device is corrupted, or a file in the list is not played, connect the USB device to a PC, format the device, and check the connection.

If a file you deleted from the PC is still found when you run Media Play, use the “Empty the Recycle Bin” function on the PC to permanently delete the file.

Photos only supports sequential jpeg format.The scene search and thumbnail functions are not supported in the Videos.

If the number of files and folders saved on a USB storage device is approximately over 4000, the files and folders may not appear and some folders may not be opened.

The maximum displayed number of files, including sub folders, in one folder of USB storage device is 1000.

The media may not be playing smoothly when using the device higher than USB 2.0.

The maximum displayed number of partition is 4.

The file name only works in supported menu language. The other language is not displayed properly.


1.Press the ◄ or ► button to select Videos, then press the ENTERE button in the Media Play menu.

2.Press the ◄/►/▲/▼ buttons to select the desired video in the file list.3.Press the ENTEREbutton or(Play) button.--The selected file is displayed on the top with its playing time.

--If video time information is unknown, playing time and the progress bar are not displayed.

--During video playback, you can search using the ◄ and ► button.--You can use () (REW) and () (FF) buttons during playback.

In this mode, you can play movie clips contained in a game, but you cannot play the game itself.

yySupported Subtitle Formats--External


File extension

MPEG-4 timed text








Micro DVD

.sub or .txt

SubStation Alpha


Advanced SubStation Alpha




















Picture Format




SubStation Alpha





Text Format



Advanced SubStation Alpha





Text Format









Text Format




MPEG-4 Timed text





Text Format


yySupported Video Formats


















Video Codec



Bit rate(Mbps)

Audio Codec






DivX 3.11/4.12/5.x/6.0






































DivX 3.11/4.12/5.x/6.0





MP3 / AC3 /



MPEG 1/2/4




























DivX 3.11/4.12/5.x/6.0





MP3 / AC3 /


MPEG 1/2/4
































AC3 / AAC /









H. 264





MP3 / DD+

































AC3 / MPEG /





H. 264












MPEG 1/2/4


















flash formats







Sorenson H.263











Other Restrictions

yyVideo content will not play, or not play correctly, if there is an error in the content or the container.

yySound or video may not work if the contents have a standard bit rate/ frame rate above the compatible Frame/sec listed in the table above.

yyIf the Index Table is in error, the Seek (Jump) function is not supported.yyThe menu may take longer to appear if the video’s bit rate exceeds 10Mbps.yyVideo content can not be played, if there are many contents in one file.
Video DecoderSupports up to H.264, Level 4.1

H.264 FMO / ASO / RS, VC1 SP / MP / AP L4 and AVCHD are not supported. MPEG4 SP, ASP :

Below 1280 x 720: 60 frame maxAbove 1280 x 720: 30 frame max H.263 is not supported.GMC is not support.Audio DecoderSupports up to WMA7, 8, 9 STD, 9 PRO, 10 PRO

WMA 9 PRO and WMA 10 PRO support 5.1 channel. (LBR mode of WMA Pro is not supported)

WMA Lossless is not supported.Music

1.Press the ◄ or ► button to select Music, then press the ENTERE button in the Media Play menu.

2.Press the ◄/►/▲/▼ buttons to select the desired Music in the file list.3.Press the ENTEREbutton or (Play) button.During music playback, you can search using the ◄ and ► button.(REW) and(FF) buttons do not function during play.

Only displays the files with MP3 file extension. Other file extensions are not displayed, even if they are saved on the same USB device.

If the need to change Equalizer - when playing MP3, then exit Media Play, adjust the Equalizer in the Sound menu. (An over-modulated MP3 file may cause a sound problem.)


1.Press the ◄ or ► button to select Photos, then press the ENTERE button in the Media Play menu.

2.Press the ◄/►/▲/▼ buttons to select the desired photo in the file list.

3.Press the ENTEREbutton or (Play) button.


xxWhile a photo list is displayed, press the(Play) / ENTEREbutton on the remote control to start the slide show.

xxAll files in the file list section will be displayed in the slide show. xxDuring the slide show, files are displayed in order.

xxDuring the slide show, you can adjust the slide show speed using () (REW) or ( ) (FF) button.

xxYou can move to other file using ◄ or ► button.

Press TOOLS button and select Background Music. Music files can be automatically played during the Slide Show if the Background Music is set to On.

The Mode in Background Music cannot be changed until the BGM has finished loading.

yySupported Photo Formats






15360 x 8704



1024 x 768



Other Restrictions

CMYK, YCCK Colour space JPEG are not supported. ■Playing Multiple FilesPlaying selected video/music/photo files1.Press the Yellow button in the file list to select the desired file.2.Repeat the above operation to select multiple files.


xxThe cmark appears to the left of the selected files. xxTo cancel a selection, press the Yellow button again.

xxTo deselect all selected files, press the TOOLS button and select Deselect All.

Media Play - Additional Functions Videos/Music/Photos Play Option menus When playing a file, press the TOOLS button.

TitleYou can move the other file directly.




Repeat Mode

You can play movie and music files repeatedly.




Picture Size

You can adjust the picture size to your







Picture ModeYou can adjust the picture setting.




Sound ModeYou can adjust the sound setting.





You can play the video with Subtitles. This




function only works if the subtitles are the same






file name as the video.







Audio language

You can change the audio language if the video




has more than one language.



Stop Slide





Show / StartYou can start or stop a Slide Show.



Slide Show





Slide Show

You can select the slide show speed during the




Speedslide show.




You can set and select background music





when watching a Slide Show.




You can zoom into images in full screen mode.





You can rotate images in full screen mode.





You can see detailed information about the played file.




❑ Using the Sports Mode(or Cricket Mode)

Sports Mode t

Depending on the country.This mode provides optimised condition for watching sports games.

Zoom: Pause playback and dived the picture into 9 parts. Select a part to zoom it in. Press this button again to resume.

When Sports Mode is On, the picture and sound modes are set to Stadium automatically.

If you turn the TV off while watching Soccer Mode, the Sports Mode will be disable.

Mode name may vary depending on nations. Cricket Mode, Sports Mode.

Cricket Game

Depending on the country.

Add fun to the live game predict result for each ball of over.

Predict Start: In the game of predict the user predicts the outcome of the next ball or the next over and earns consecutive points. Predict is made essentially for the 2 most popular formats of the game i.e. One day (50 Overs ) and T20 ( 20 overs ). (Depending on the country and model.)

Software Upgrade

Software Upgrade can be performed by downloading the latest firmware from “” to a USB memory device.

Changing the Use Mode

Select the Use Mode suitable for your place. We strongly recommend you select Home Use.

yyHome Use: Home Use is the default setting.

yyStore Demo: Store Demo is for retail environments only. If you select Store Demo, some functions will not work, and the picture settings will be reset every 5 minutes.

DivX® Video On Demand

Shows the registration code authorised for the TV. If you connect to the DivX web site and register with 10-digit registration code, you can download the VOD activation file. Once you play it using Media Play, the registration is completed.

For more information on DivX® VOD, visit

HD Connection Guide

You can read a guide to connect external devices for HD sources.

Contact Samsung

View this information when your TV does not work properly or when you want to upgrade the software. You can find information regarding our call centres, and how to download products and software.

Other Information

Installing the Wall Mount

The wall mount kit (sold separately) allows you to mount the TV on the wall. For detailed information on installing the wall mount, see the instructions provided with the wall mount. Contact a technician for assistance when installing the wall mount bracket. We do not advice you to do it yourself.

Samsung Electronics is not responsible for any damage to the product or injury to yourself or others if you select to install the TV on your own.

Wall mount Adapter

(Depending on the Model)

Before installing any other wall mounting kit, assemble the wall mount adapter provided separately with the TV.

Wall Mount Kit Specifications (VESA)The wall mount kit is not supplied, but sold separately.

Install your wall mount on a solid wall perpendicular to the floor. When attaching to other building materials, please contact your nearest dealer. If you install the TV on a ceiling or slanted wall, it may fall and result in severe personal injury.


Standard dimensions for wall mount kits are shown in the table below.

When purchasing our wall mount kit, a detailed installation manual and all parts necessary for assembly are provided.

Do not use screws that do not comply with the VESA standard screw specifications.

Do not use screws longer than the standard dimension, as they may cause damage to the inside of the TV set.

For wall mounts that do not comply with the VESA standard screw specifications, the length of the screws may differ depending on the wall mount specifications.

Do not fasten the screws too firmly. This may damage the product or cause the product to fall, leading to personal injury. Samsung is not liable for these kinds of accidents.

Samsung is not liable for product damage or personal injury when a non-VESA or non-specified wall mount is used or the consumer fails to follow the product installation instructions.

Do not mount the TV at more than a 15 degree tilt.Always have two people mount the TV on a wall.

VESA scew hole specs




(A * B) in millimeters






200 x 200








Do not install your Wall Mount Kit while your TV is turned on. It may result in personal injury due to electric shock.

Securing the TV to the Wall

Caution: Pulling, pushing, or climbing onto the TV may cause the TV to fall. In particular, ensure that your children do not hang over or destabilize the TV; doing so may cause the TV to tip over, resulting in serious injuries or death. Follow all safety precautions provided on the included Safety Flyer. For added stability, install the anti-fall device for safety purposes, as follows.

To prevent the TV from falling

Since the necessary clamps, screws, and string are not supplied, please purchase these additionally.

1.Put the screws into the clamps and firmly fasten them onto the wall. Confirm that the screws have been firmly installed onto the wall.

You may need additional material such as an anchor depending on the type of wall.

Since the necessary clamps, screws, and string are not supplied, please purchase these additionally.

2.Remove the screws from the back Centre of the TV, put the screws into the clamps, and then fasten the screws onto the TV again.

Screws may not be supplied with the product. In this case, please purchase the screws of the following specifications.

3.Connect the clamps fixed onto the TV and the clamps fixed onto the wall with a strong cable and then tie the string tightly.

NotexxInstall the TV near to the wall so that it does not fall backwards.

xxIt is safe to connect the string so that the clamps fixed on the wall are equal to or lower than the clamps fixed on the TV.

xxUntie the string before moving the TV.

4.Verify all connections are properly secured. Periodically check connections for any sign of fatigue for failure. If you have any doubt about the security of your connections, contact a professional installer.

Kensington Lock

The Kensington Lock is not supplied by Samsung. It is a device used to physically fix the system when using it in a public place. Refer to the manual provided with the Kensington Lock for additional information on proper use.

Please find a “K” icon on the rear of the TV. The Kensington slot is beside the “K” icon.

The position and colour may differ depending on the model.To lock the product, follow these steps:

1.Wrap the Kensington lock cable around a large, stationary object such as desk or chair.

2.Slide the end of the cable with the lock attached through the looped end of the Kensington lock cable.

3.Insert the locking device into the Kensington slot on the product.4.Lock the lock.

These are general instructions. For exact instructions, see the User manual supplied with the locking device.

The locking device has to be purchased separately.

The location of the Kensington slot may be different depending on the TV model.

- 9 -

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- 11 -

- 12 -


If you have any questions about the TV, first refer to this list. If none of these troubleshooting tips apply, please visit “,” then click on Support, or contact the call centre listed on the back-cover of this manual.


ProblemPossible Solution





Picture Quality



The TV image does not look as good as it

yy If you have an analogue cable/set top box, upgrade to a digital set top box. Use HDMI or Component cables to deliver HD


did in the store.(high definition) picture quality.



yy Antenna connection: Try HD stations after performing Auto tuning.



Many HD channels are up scaled from SD(Standard Definition) contents.



yy Adjust the Cable/Set top box video output resolution to 1080i or 720p.



yy Make sure you are watching the TV at the minimum recommended distance based on the size and definition of the signal.





The picture is distorted: macroblock error,

yy Compression of video contents may cause picture distortion especially in fast moving pictures such as sports and action


small block, dots, pixelizationmovies.



yy Low signal level or bad quality can cause picture distortion. This is not a TV issue.



yy Mobile phones used close to the TV (cca up to 1m) may cause noise in picture on analogue and digital TV.





Colour is wrong or missing.

yy If you’re using a component connection, make sure the component cables are connected to the correct jacks. Incorrect or



loose connections may cause colour problems or a blank screen.





There is poor colour or brightness.

yy Adjust the Picture options in the TV menu. (go to Picture Mode / Colour / Brightness / Sharpness)



yy Try resetting the picture to view the default picture settings. (go to MENU - Picture - Picture Reset)





There is a dotted line on the edge of theyy If the picture size is set to Picture Options, change it to 16:9.



yy Change cable/satellite box resolution.





The picture is black and white.

yy If you are using an AV composite input, connect the video cable (yellow) to the Green jack of component input 1 on the TV.





When changing channels, the picture

yy If connected with a cable box, please try to reset the cable box. Reconnect the AC cord and wait until the cable box


freezes or is distorted or delayed.reboots. It may take up to 20 minutes.



yy Set the output resolution of the cable box to 1080i or 720p.




Sound Quality

There is no sound or the sound is too low at yy Please check the volume of external device connected to your TV. maximum volume.

The picture is good but there is no sound.yy Set the Speaker Select option to TV Speaker in the sound menu.


yy If you are using an external device, make sure the audio cables are connected to the correct audio input jacks on the TV.


yy If you are using an external device, check the device’s audio output option (ex. you may need to change your cable box’s


audio option to HDMI when you have a HDMI connected to your TV).


yy If you are using a HDMI cable, a separate audio cable is required.


yy If your TV has a headphone jack, make sure there is nothing plugged into it.



The speakers are making an inappropriate

yy Check the cable connections. Make sure a video cable is not connected to an audio input.


yy For antenna or cable connections, check the signal strength. Low signal level may cause sound distortion.



No Picture, No Video


The TV will not turn on.

yy Make sure the AC power cord is securely plugged in to the wall outlet and the TV.


yy Make sure the wall outlet is working.


yy Try pressing the POWER button on the TV to make sure the problem is not the remote. If the TV turns on, refer to “The


remote control does not work” below.



The TV turns off automatically.yy Ensure the Sleep Timer is set to Off in the Time menu.


yy If your PC is connected to the TV, check your PC power settings.


yy Make sure the AC power cord is plugged in securely to the wall outlet and the TV.


yy When watching TV from an antenna or cable connection, the TV will turn off after 10 ~ 15 minutes if there is no signal.



There is no picture/video.

yy Check cable connections (remove and reconnect all cables connected to the TV and external devices).


yy Set your external devices’ (Cable/Set top Box, DVD, Blu-ray etc) video outputs to match the connections to the TV input.


For example, if an external device’s output is HDMI, it should be connected to an HDMI input on the TV.


yy Make sure your connected devices are powered on.


yy Be sure to select the TV’s correct source by pressing the SOURCE button on the TV remote.




Possible Solution



RF(Cable/Antenna) Connection


The TV is not receiving all channels.yy Make sure the Antenna cable is connected securely.


yy Please try Setup (Plug & Play) to add available channels to the channel list. Go to MENU - System - Setup (Plug & Play) and


wait for all available channels to be stored.


yy Verify the Antenna is positioned correctly.



The picture is distorted: macroblock error,

yy Compression of video contents may cause picture distortion, especially on fast moving pictures such as sports and action

small block, dots, pixelization



yy A low signal can cause picture distortion. This is not a TV issue.



PC Connection


A “Mode Not Supported” message

yy Set your PC’s output resolution so it matches the resolutions supported by the TV.





The video is OK but there is no audio.

yy If you are using a HDMI connection, check the audio output setting on your PC.





The picture will not display in full screen.

yy HD channels will have black bars on either side of the screen when displaying up scaled SD (4:3) contents.


yy Black bars on the top and bottom will appear during movies that have aspect ratios different from your TV.


yy Adjust the picture size options on your external device or TV to full screen.



The remote control does not work.

yy Replace the remote control batteries with the poles (+/–) in the right direction.


yy Clean the transmission window located on the top of the remote control.


yy Try pointing the remote directly at the TV from 1.5~1.8 m away.



The cable/set top box remote control does

yy Programme the Cable/Set top box remote control to operate the TV. Refer to the Cable/Set top box user manual for the

not turn the TV on or off, or adjust theSAMSUNG TV code.




A “Mode Not Supported” message

yy Check the supported resolution of the TV, and adjust the external device’s output resolution accordingly. Refer to resolution


settings in this manual.



There is a plastic smell from the TV.yy This smell is normal and will dissipate over time.



TV is tilted to the right or left side.yy Remove the stand base from the TV and reassemble it.



There are difficulties assembling the stand

yy Make sure the TV is placed on a flat surface. It is necessary to use magnetized screw driver if you cannot remove the screws

base.from the TV.



The Broadcasting menu is grey outyy The Broadcasting menu is only available when the TV source is selected.




Your settings are lost after 5 minutes or

yy If the TV is in the Store Demo mode, it will reset audio and picture settings every 5 minutes. If you want to change the settings

every time the TV is turned off.from Store Demo mode to Home Use.



You have intermittent loss of audio or video.

yy Check the cable connections and reconnect them.


yy Loss of audio or video can be caused by using overly rigid or thick cables. Make sure the cables are flexible enough for long


term use. If mounting the TV to the wall, we recommend using cables with 90 degree connectors.



You see small particles when you lookyy This is part of the product’s design and is not a defect.
closely at the edge of the frame of the TV.




There are recurrent picture/sound issues.yy Check and change the signal/source.



A reaction may occur between the rubber

yy To prevent this, use felt pads on any surface of the TV that comes in direct contact with furniture.

cushion pads on the base stand and the


top finish of some furniture.




This TFT LED panel uses a panel consisting of sub pixels which require sophisticated technology to produce. However, there may be a few bright or dark pixels on the screen. These pixels will have no impact on the performance of the product.

You can keep your TV as optimum condition upgrading the latest firmware on web site ( → Support) by USB.

Storage and Maintenance

If you remove the attached sticker on the TV screen, clean the residues and then watch TV.

Do not spray water directly onto the product. Any liquid that goes into theClean the product with a soft cloth dampened with in a small amount of water.
product may cause a failure, fire, or electric shock.Do not use a flammable liquid (e.g. benzene, thinners) or a cleaning agent.

Securing the Installation Space

Keep the required distances between the product and other objects (e.g. walls) to ensure proper ventilation.

Failing to do so may result in fire or a problem with the product due to an increase in the internal temperature of the product. When using a stand or wall-mount, use parts provided by Samsung Electronics only.

xxIf you use parts provided by another manufacturer, it may result in a problem with the product or an injury due to the product falling. The appearance may differ depending on the product.

Be careful when you contact the TV because some parts can be somewhat hot.
Installation with a stand.


Installation with a wall-mount.
10 cm



10 cm

10 cm

10 cm

10 cm

10 cm




10 cm


This DivX Certified® device has passed rigorous testing to ensure it plays DivX® video.

To play purchased DivX movies, first register your device at Find your registration code in the DivX VOD section of your device setup menu.

DivX Certified® to play DivX® video up to HD 1080p, including premium content.

DivX®, DivX Certified® and associated logos are trademarks of DivX, LLC and are used under license. Covered by one or more of the following U.S. patents:

7,295,673; 7,460,668; 7,515,710; 8,656,183; 8,731,369; RE45,052.Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

For DTS patents, see Manufactured under license from DTS, Inc. DTS, the Symbol, DTS in combination with the Symbol, DTS Premium Sound, DTS Digital Surround, and DTS Express are registered trademarks or trademarks of DTS, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. DTS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

For DTS patents, see Manufactured under license from DTS Licensing Limited. DTS, the Symbol, DTS in combination with the Symbol, and DTS Studio Sound are registered trademarks or trademarks of DTS, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. © DTS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.

Open Source License Notice

Open Source used in this product can be found on the following webpage. (

Open Source License Notice is written only English.

















Environmental Considerations








Operating Temperature10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F)







Operating Humidity10% to 80%, non-condensing







Storage Temperature-20°C to 45°C (-4°F to 113°F)







Storage Humidity5% to 95%, non-condensing















Model NameUA32K4000















Display Resolution

1366 x 768







Screen Size80 cm
















5W x 2







Dimensions (W x H x D)








Body74.54 x 44.22 x 6.90 cm







With stand74.54 x 46.66 x 15.05 cm















Without Stand3.7 kg







With stand

3.8 kg







Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

For information about the power required and more about power consumption, refer to the label attached to the product.



Recommendation - Jordan Only









Hereby, Samsung Electronics, declares that this equipment is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.




The original Declaration of Conformity may be found at, go to Support > Search Product Support and enter the model name.




This equipment may be operated in Jordan.

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