Motor does not start.

Check cable, plug and socket.

Leave to cool.





Suction force is gradually

Check for blockage and remove.




Cord does not rewind

Pull the cord out 2-3 m and push down the cord rewind button.







Vacuum cleaner does not

Check hose and replace if required.

pick up dirt.



Low or decreasing

Please check filter and, if required, clean as illustrated in the



instructions. if filters are out of condition change them to new ones.




Body overheating.

Please check filters, if required clean as illustrated in the instruction.




Static electicity

Please decrease power suction.

This can also occur when air in the room is very dry.



Please ventilate the room to air humidity become a normal.



This Vacuum cleaner is approved the following.

EMC Directive : 2004/108/EEC

Low Voltage Directive : 2006/95/EC

English - 18