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Samsung SW70B1 manual


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To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons when using your appliance, take care to adhere to the following precautions.

Fuzzy control operates with best washing course by sensing the washload like artificial intelligence.


This Transparent Window is the new concept to solve the curiosity of users to see inside of washing machine while operation.

Where an unearthed power cord is not fitted, be sure that the washer is grounded.

To avoid electrical shock use metal piping for the ground connection.

Take care not to ground the washer to gas pipes or telephone cables due to the danger of explosion from lightning strikes.

Place clothes evenly into the washer

as unevenly distributed laundry may cause excessive out-of-balance noise and vibration.

Don't use excessively hot water. (65 or more)

Plastic parts may be deformed or damaged.

Also, clothing may be deformed or bleached.

While operation, the laundry progress inside of washing machine can be checked by looking through the transparent window.


The Boomerang Pulsator helps water

and detergent to go through fabrics efficiently while providing both the powerful water action to clean larger and heavier clothes and the gentle water action to clean all delicates with less wear and tear on clothes.


The Waterfall Flow injected from under the pulsator cascades

with full force back into the tub, pushing down any clothes that float right under the water surface. It is this Waterfall Flow that enables this washing machine to effectively wash large and heavy items, such as bluejeans and blankets.


This unique magic Filter ensures that all the lint inside the tub is captured for top quality filtering results to deliver consistently effective cleaning results.


The Softener Dispenser releases the fabric softener at the appropriate time when the last rinsing proceeds.

During spinning, don't put your hand in the spin basket.

Because the spin basket is rotating at the high speed, rotating parts may injure your hand.

Openings must not be obstructed

by carpeting when the washing machine is installed on a carpeted floor.

Turn off water taps when the washer is not in use to avoid water pressure damage to the pump.

To minimize the possibility of electric shock, unplug this appliance from the power supply or disconnect the washer at the household distribution panel by removing the fuse or switching off the circuit breaker before attempting any maintenance or cleaning.

The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision.

Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

If the power supply cord is damaged,

it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similary qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.

Before washing, check all pockets.

If nails or pins remain in pockets, they may damage the washer or clothes.

Don’t press the control panel with a sharp object.

Panel damaged or malfunction may occur.

If the control panel for this washer is damaged, it must be replaced by a repair shop appointed by the manufacturer, as special purpose tools are required.

Do not operate this appliance

if it is damaged, malfunctioning, partially disassembled, or has missing or broken parts, including a damaged cord or plug.

Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.

The instructions for use shall specify the maximum mass or dry cloth in kg, for which the appliance is designed.

If the appliance is supplied from a cord extension set or electrical portable outlet device the cord extension set or electrical portable outlet device should be positioned so it is not subject to splashing or ingress of moisture.