The MGC-100 is a robust telecom
architecture that maximizes system
Designed to incorporate new networks
and new standards as they emerge,all in
a single platform
All ports,regardless of their networks,
can use all advanced features therefore
protecting investment
On-line diagnostics to anticipate any
potential problem
Front panel LED lights for fast
problem isolation
All modules are: - Front-accessible
- Hot-swappable
- Self-configuring
Full redundancy with up to three
power supplies
NEBS compliant chassis available
High speed multimedia bus
The MGC-100 provides IP,ISDN and ATM
connectivity in a single platform.
Connects directly with H.323
(IP) networks
Supports H.320 (ISDN) and
H.321 (ATM) networks
Designed to incorporate new standards
as they emerge such as 3GPP,all within
a single platform
All supported networks can access and
utilize the MGC-100’s advanced features
NO external gateways necessary
Rich Media Communications
is a real-time virtual communications experience…anytime,anywhere. The Accord Product Line
provides the tools that make virtual communications a reality,enhancing the way people communicate and interact.With the
Accord Product Line the user is ensured of a networking solution which makes rich media applications such as business
conferencing,telemedicine, distance learning,visual enabled e-commerce, visual call centers and visual chat rooms a reality.
The MGC-100 provides the most advanced
features of any MCU.
Now you can produce your conference
any way you want,making the remote
meeting experience more like a
face-to-face meeting.
Continuous Presence
Up to 21 different layouts
Layouts changeable ‘on-the-fly’
Each window within each layout can be
set as fixed or voice activated
Multi-Way Transcoding
Allows sites with different frame rates,
connection speeds,audio algorithms,
resolutions,and network protocols to
transparently connect with one another
Ensures that all sites connect at their
optimal capabilities
Ensures that conferences start on time
by simplifying the connection process
Ensures conference reliability
Greet and Guide™ (ISDN and ATM)
Customizable conference welcome
screens and audio greeting messages
Operator(s) can guide users through
every part of the conference:
- Greet users as they connect
- Drag and drop participants
between conferences
- Create subconferences
Powerful Management System
The MGC-100 provides the most flexible
suite of system and conference
management applications of any MCU.
Three different management applications
are offered to provide the power and
flexibility required for both local and
remote access and support.
WebCommander™ empowers users
to schedule and manage their own
conferences using Netscape or Microsoft
Web browsers
MGC Manager™ provides
comprehensive operator control -
from conference scheduling and
management to system configuration,
diagnostics and maintenance
Touch Tone Conference Manager
(TTCM) empowers users to manage
their own conferences using a standard
touch-tone telephone
Easy Maintenance
The MGC-100 reduces the need for
on-site maintenance through advanced
remote system monitoring tools.
Remote diagnostics and problem resolution
Remote software downloads
Support for multiple MGC systems
The Accord Product Line's MGC-100 is
the only carrier class solution for video
and voice communications providing NEBS
Level 3 compliance,making it the choice
for mission critical applicatons.
The Accord Product Line’s MGC is the only Multipoint
Control Unit (MCU) which functions both as a multimedia
processor and a H.3xx gateway.It supports ITU-T standards
for multipoint multimedia bridging devices and variable port
bandwidth ranging from 56Kbps to 2Mbps.

Advanced Features That Make A Difference!