Document # 6153400, Rev. 3.1




The IEI 834L Viper Plus with Contact is a frame mount glassbreak/selective
vibration detector. The Viper Plus contains a custom integrated circuit
designed specifically to detect vibration signals associated with forced entry in
a wide variety of surfaces including: windows, doors, walls and glass of all
types. You can adjust the Viper Plus for sensitivity over a wide range, but it’s
immune to low frequency vibration. The Viper Plus is a standalone sensor
with no additional processor required.

IEI 834L Viper Plus Features

Patented Integrated Circuit Design
Solid-State Piezoelectric Device
No Separate Processor Required
Latching Alarm LED
Auto Reset Alarm Relay
Simplified Calibration Test Mode
Cover Tamper Contact
Double Knock Feature For Alarm Verification
Immune to Low Frequency Vibration
High-Low Sensitivity Jumper

Auto-Reset Relay

When the Viper Plus goes into alarm, the relay contact remains open for 8
seconds before re-closing to detect a second independent attack, if

Cover Tamper Contact

The cover is monitored against unwanted sensitivity changes or tampering
with a switch mounted on the circuit board. This switch is internally wired in
series with the alarm relay. No additional wiring is necessary.

Double Knock Mode

Most unwanted signals fade within 200 milliseconds. Prolonged attack or
breaking glass exceeds this time. When Double Knock Mode is enabled and
the Viper Plus detects a signal above set sensitivity level it enters the active
mode but ignores all levels of signal for approximately 200 milliseconds. If the
vibration remains above the set sensitivity level for more than 200
milliseconds, or a second attack exceeds the set sensitivity level within 8
seconds, the Viper Plus goes into alarm.

Calibration Test Mode

The first time you trip your Viper Plus there is an 8 second delay before the
LED turns on (the relay opens for 8 seconds as it normally does). After this
first trip the LED remains on and shows each subsequent trip by turning off for
8 seconds. When you are finished testing, interrupt the power to reset the
LED for normal operation.


Operating Voltage: 10-15VDC (filtered and regulated)
Power Consumption: 6mA (normal); 13mA (alarm)
Range: Up to 10 ft. radius
Voltage Monitor: Low or No Voltage cause alarm activation
Voltage Supervision: Alarm Relay
Relay Activation Time: 8 seconds
Alarm LED: Latch or auto-reset
Alarm Relay: SPST (form A) contacts, 0.5A @ 30VDC
Installation: Hardwire 4 wires
Operating Temperature: 0 ° to 120 ° F (-20° to 50°C)
Mounting: Surface – screws included
Sensor Size: 3.35” long x 0.90” wide x 1.00” high
Weight: 2.1 ounces
Color: White

Installation Instructions