If you use AC Adapter Kit ACK-DC60 (sold separately), you can use the
camera without worrying about how much charge is left in the battery.

Turn off the camera.

Insert the coupler.

Follow Step 2 on p.16 to open the cover,
then insert the coupler as shown until it
locks into place with a click.
Follow Step 5 on p.17 to close the cover.

Plug the cord into the coupler.

Open the cover and fully insert the plug
into the coupler.

Connect the power cord.

Connect the power cord to the compact
power adapter, then plug the other end into
a power outlet.
Turn the camera on to use it.
After you finish, turn off the camera and
unplug the power cord from the power
Using Household Power
Do not unplug the plug or power cord with the camera turned on. This could
erase images you have taken or damage the camera.
AC Adapter Kit ACK-DC10 (sold separately) can also be used.