3Automatic Sensor Cleaning

Whenever you set the power switch to <1> or <2>, the Self Cleaning Sensor Unit operates to automatically shake off the dust on the front of the sensor. Normally, you need not be aware of this operation. However, you can execute the sensor cleaning at anytime as well as disable it.

Cleaning the Sensor Now

1 Select [Sensor cleaning]. Under the [6] tab, select [Sensor cleaning], then press <0>.

2 Select [Clean nowf].

Select [Clean nowf], then press <0>.

Select [OK], then press <0>.

XThe screen will indicate that the sensor is being cleaned. Although there will be a shutter sound, a picture is not taken.

For best results, do the sensor cleaning while the camera bottom is placed on a table or other surface at a perpendicular angle.

Even if you repeat the sensor cleaning, the result will not improve that much. Right after the sensor cleaning is finished, the [Clean nowf] option will remain disabled temporarily.

Disabling Automatic Sensor Cleaning

In step 2, select [Auto cleaningf] and set it to [Disable].

XThe sensor cleaning will no longer be executed when you set the power switch to <1> or <2>.