LINEAby HALO®Channels


LV211 End Feed
For starting a run. Will accept
Surface conduit
Finish: White (P), Black (MB)
LV216 T-Bar and J-Box
Canopy Feed
For starting a run on a T-bar ceiling
installation. Use with conduit fitting
or with outlet box.
Finish: White (P), Black (MB)
LV212 Straight Joiner
For connecting two sections.
May also be used as a feed point.
Finish: White (P), Black (MB)
LV213 Right-Angle Joiner
For connecting two sections at a
90° angle. May also be used as a
feed point.
Finish: White (P), Black (MB)
LV218 -18 Suspension Stem Kit
For suspending Wireway channel with
18" threaded stem. Allows two #10AWG
wires and can be used to feed wireway
Finish: White (P), Black (MB)
TC118 Wireway Cover
Used to cover Wireway for pendant-
and cable-suspended applications.
96" long – can be field cut.
Finish: White (P), Black (MB)
LV217-1 T-Bar Clip
Use with minimal grid (9/16”) systems
LV217-2 T-Bar Clip
Use with standard grid (15/16”) systems
LV219 Suspension Cable Kit
Use to suspend wireway channel with 4'
cable that can be adjusted in the field.
Finish: White (P), Black (MB)
DEW210 Dead End for Wireway
To complete the end of a channel run
(one supplied with channel section).
Pack of 6.
Finish: White (P), Black (MB)
AW1 1/16” Allen Wrench
Used for tightening connector screws. Pack
of 10.
TB216 Terminal Block
Add additional feeds to T-bar or J-box
canopy to create straight, L, T and X
configurations. Terminal block mounts
to mounting plate of LV216.
Finish: White (P), Black (MB)
LV215 Flexible Joiner
To connect two sections at an angle
up to 90° or for connecting wall-and
ceiling-mounted sections. Allows
for continuation of wireway. May
also be used as a feed point.
Finish: White (P), Black (MB)