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April 2, 2007



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TI 06-0491 Rev.B

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Expression 10000XL/1640 XL/1680/1600/800/836 XL, Perfection





1670/2400/2480/2580/3170/3200/4180/4870/4990/640U/1200U/610, GT-


2500/15000/30000 series scanners




Scanning Application Force Quits on Mac OS 10.4



This bulletin was created to inform you of an error that may occur when opening a TWAIN- compliant scanning application on a Macintosh computer running OS 10.4.

Description of Problem:

When launching a Twain-compliant scanning application after deleting your Epson Scan driver with an Epson Scan uninstaller not compatible with your scanner model, the application will force quit during start-up. For example, using a Perfection 4490 driver uninstaller to delete a Perfection 3490 driver will cause your scanning application to suddenly close during start-up. This issue affects the following TWAIN-compliant applications:

EPSON Creativity Suite

When pressing the Scan button, the Scan


Assistant force quits

Copy Utility

Force quits during start-up

Photo Impression

Force quits during start-up

Photoshop Elements

Force quits during start-up


Force quits during start-up

Photoshop CS2

Force quits during start-up

This issue can also occur under the following conditions:

1)Dragging the Epson Scan folder (located in the Applications folder) to the Trash can

2)Upgrading your scanner and using the Epson Scan driver from the new scanner to delete the driver from the older scanner, and then installing the new driver

Operating Systems Effected:

Mac OS 10.4 to 10.4.9

Affected Epson Scan Driver Versions:

2.70A or later

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