4.Click the Automatic or Manual setting.

Automatic setting: Select this setting for most color print jobs

Manual setting: Select this setting to adjust the color settings independent from other settings.

NOTE: Changing color settings manually can impact output. HP recommends that only color graphics experts change these settings.

5.Click the Print in Grayscale option to print a color document in black and shades of gray. Use this option to print color documents for photocopying or faxing. You can also use this option to print draft copies or to save color toner.

6.Click the OK button.

Manual color options

Use manual color options to adjust the Neutral Grays, Halftone, and Edge Control options for text, graphics, and photographs.

Table 9-1Manual color options

Setting description

Setting options




Edge Control

Off turns off both trapping and adaptive halftoning.

The Edge Control setting determines the rendering

Light sets trapping at a minimal level. Adaptive halftoning is on.

of edges. Edge control has two components:

Normal sets trapping at a medium level. Adaptive halftoning is

adaptive halftoning and trapping. Adaptive

halftoning increases edge sharpness. Trapping



reduces the effect of color-plane misregistration by

Maximum is the most aggressive trapping setting. Adaptive

overlapping the edges of adjacent objects slightly.



halftoning is on.





Adjust color 103