Generally, a software program is WIA-compliant if it has a command such as Picture/From Scanner or Camera in the Insert or File menu. If you are unsure whether the program is WIA-compliant, see the software program Help or documentation.

Start the scan from within the WIA-compliant program. See the software program Help or documentation for information about the commands and steps to use.


From the Windows control panel, in the Cameras and Scanner folder (located inside the Hardware and Sound folder for Windows Vista and Windows 7), double-click the product icon. This opens the standard Microsoft WIA Wizard, which enables you to scan to a file.

Scan by using optical character recognition (OCR) software

The Readiris OCR program is included on a separate CD that shipped with the product. To use the Readiris program, install it from the appropriate software CD, and then follow the instructions in the online Help.

Cancel a scan

To cancel a scan job, use one of the following procedures.

On the product control panel, press the Cancel button.

Click the Cancel button in the on-screen dialog box.


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