Solve wireless network problems

Wireless connectivity checklist

Verify that the network cable is not connected.

Verify that the product and the wireless router are turned on and have power. Also make sure that the wireless radio in the product is turned on.

Verify that the service set identifier (SSID) is correct. Print a configuration page to determine the SSID. If you are not sure the SSID is correct, run the wireless setup again.

With secured networks, verify that the security information is correct. If the security information is incorrect, run the wireless setup again.

If the wireless network is working correctly, try accessing other computers on the wireless network. If the network has Internet access, try connecting to the Internet over a wireless connection.

Verify that the encryption method (AES or TKIP) is the same for the product as it is for the wireless access point (on networks using WPA security).

Verify that the product is within the range of the wireless network. For most networks, the product must be within 30 m (100 ft) of the wireless access point (wireless router).

Verify that obstacles do not block the wireless signal. Remove any large metal objects between the access point and the product. Make sure poles, walls, or support columns containing metal or concrete do not separate the product and wireless access point.

Verify that the product is located away from electronic devices that might interfere with the wireless signal. Many devices can interfere with the wireless signal including motors, cordless phones, security system cameras, other wireless networks, and some Bluetooth devices.

Verify that the printer driver is installed on the computer.

Verify that you have selected the correct printer port.

Verify that the computer and product connect to the same wireless network.

The product does not print after the wireless configuration completes

1.Make sure that the product is turned on and in the ready state.

2.Turn off any third-party firewalls on your computer.

3.Make sure that the wireless network is working correctly.

4.Make sure that your computer is working correctly. If necessary, restart the computer.

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