The product does not print, and the computer has a third-party firewall installed

1.Update the firewall with the most recent update available from the manufacturer.

2.If programs request firewall access when you install the product or try to print, make sure you allow the programs to run.

3.Temporarily turn off the firewall, and then install the wireless product on the computer. Enable the firewall when you have completed the wireless installation.

The wireless connection does not work after moving the wireless router or product

Make sure that the router or product connects to the same network that your computer connects to.

1.Print a configuration page.

2.Compare the service set identifier (SSID) on the configuration page to the SSID in the printer configuration for the computer.

3.If the numbers are not the same, the devices are not connecting to the same network. Reconfigure the wireless setup for the product.

Cannot connect more computers to the wireless product

1.Make sure that the other computers are within the wireless range and that no obstacles block the signal. For most networks, the wireless range is within 30 m (100 ft) of the wireless access point.

2.Make sure that the product is turned on and in the ready state.

3.Turn off any third-party firewalls on your computer.

4.Make sure that the wireless network is working correctly.

5.Make sure that your computer is working correctly. If necessary, restart the computer.

The wireless product loses communication when connected to a VPN

Typically, you cannot connect to a VPN and other networks at the same time.

The network does not appear in the wireless networks list

Make sure the wireless router is turned on and has power.

The network might be hidden. However, you can still connect to a hidden network.

The wireless network is not functioning

1.Make sure that the network cable is not connected.

2.To verify if the network has lost communication, try connecting other devices to the network.


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