3.Open the Color Options menu or the Color/Quality Options menu.

4.Open the Advanced menu, or select the appropriate tab.

5.Adjust the individual settings for text, graphics, and photographs.

Use the Services menu with Mac

If the product is connected to a network, use the Services menu to obtain product and supply-status information.

1.On the File menu, click the Print option.

2.Open the Services menu.

3.To perform a maintenance task, do the following:

a.Select the Device Maintenance tab.

b.Select a task from the drop-down list.

c.Click the Launch button.

4.To go to various support Web sites for this product, do the following:

a.Select the Services on the Web tab.

b.Select an option from the menu.

c.Click the Go! button.

32 Chapter 4 Use the product with Mac