Repeating defects

If defects repeat at any of the following intervals on the page, a print cartridge or the imaging drum might be damaged.

22 mm (print cartridge)

26 mm (imaging drum)

29 mm (print cartridge)

94 mm (imaging drum)

Print the supplies status page

Use the control panel to print configuration and supplies status pages that give details about the product and its current settings.

1.On the product control panel, press the Setup button.

2.Use the arrow buttons to select the Reports menu, and then press the OK button.

3.Use the arrow buttons to select the Supplies Status item, and then press the OK button.





Configuration page

Prints a list of the product settings



Supplies status page

The supplies status page includes the following information:


Approximate percentage of print cartridge life remaining


Warranty for print cartridges and imaging drum (if those supplies are at a “very low”




Part numbers for HP print cartridges and the imaging drum


Number of pages printed on each print cartridge


Information about ordering new HP print cartridges and recycling used HP print




The imaging drum's estimated life remaining and installation date appear on the


supplies status page.




Solve problems with print cartridges or the imaging drum 71