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Care And Handling Of Discs
How to handle discs
When handling a disc, do not
touch the surface of the disc.
Since discs are made of
plastic, they are easily
damaged. If a disc gets dirty,
dusty, scratched or warped, the
images and sound will not be
picked up correctly, and such a
disc may cause the unit to malfunction.
Label side
Do not damage the label side, stick paper to or use any adhesives
on its surface.
Recording side
Make sure that discs are not scratched and dirty on the recording
side before use. Scratches and dirt on the recording side of a disc
may hinder proper playback and recording. Also be careful that a
DVD-RAM disc may get scratched or dirt when removed from
cartridge then put back in after use.
Make sure that discs are kept in their cases. If discs are piled on
top of one another without their protective cases, they can be
damaged. Do not put discs in a location where they may be
exposed to direct sunlight, or in a place where the humidity or
temperature is high. Avoid leaving discs in your car!
Maintenance of discs
If there are fingerprints or other dirt adhering
to a disc, wipe with a soft dry cloth, moving
from the centre outwards.
If a disc is difficult to clean, wipe with a cloth
moistened with water. Never use record
cleaners, petrol, alcohol or any anti-static
Sometimes during playback, noise may appear or images may
be garbled. This is sometimes due to the disc. (It may not be up
to industry standards.)
These symptoms are caused by the discs, not by the malfunction
of the unit. Page 11 Monday, July 12, 2004 3:17 PM