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PLAYBACK (cont.)

Variable Speed Search
During playback, press w or e.
The more times you press, the faster the playback picture
To decrease speed, press the button for the opposite direction.
Index Search
Your recorder automatically marks
index codes at the beginning of
each recording. This function gives
you quick access to any one of 9
index codes in either direction.
Before starting, make sure the
recorder is in the Stop mode.

Activate Index Search.

Press w or e (2 or 6). “2 1” or “6 1” is
displayed on the TV screen and search begins in the
corresponding direction.
To access index codes 2 through 9, press w or e repeatedly
until the correct index number is displayed.
To locate the beginning of B from the current position, press w
To locate the beginning of D from the current position, press e
When the specified index code is located, playback begins
Skip Search
During playback, press 30 SEC 1 to 4 times to skip over
unwanted sections.
Each press initiates a 30-second period of fast-motion
playback. Normal playback resumes automatically.
Instant ReView
Simply by pressing a single button, the recorder power comes
on, rewinds, and begins playback of the last timer-recorded
programme. If you have several programmes recorded, you can
easily access any of them.
Before starting, make sure that the recorder is off and that the
Timer mode is disengaged.

Activate Instant ReView.

Press REVIEW. The recorder power comes on and the
recorder searches for the index code indicating the start
of the last timer-recorded programme. Once it’s found,
playback begins automatically.
The front display panel tells you how many programmes have
been timer-recorded. If you have, for example, 3 programmes,
the Instant REVIEW indicator and “3” blink. To watch the first
of the 3programmes, press REVIEW three times. The recorder
searches and begins playback automatically. You can access a
programme as far as 9 index codes away from the current tape
To resume normal playback, press 4.
Current position
Index number
To resume normal playback during a Skip Search,
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