Maintenance Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Tasks Recom- Task Required Task Required Task Task

mended Comp. to be done Comp. to be done Comp. Required Comp.

to be done (Date- 3 months/ (Date- Semi- (Date- to be done (Date-

monthly Initials) Break-in Initials) annually Initials) Annually Initials)

10 Hrs. 30 Hrs. 50 Hrs. 100 Hrs.

1. Disable the unit from
operating per the first page
2. Check the engine oil level.
Adjust as necessary.
3. Check the engine coolant
level. Adjust as necessary.
4. Check the engine coolant
thermal protection level.
Correct as necessary.
5. Check the natural gas
delivery system on gas
engine driven units.
Tighten connections as
6. Check the air inlets and
outlets for debris. Clean as
7. Check the battery
electrolyte level if
accessible. Adjust as
8. Check the battery posts,
cables, and charger for
loose connections,
corrosion, and proper
operation. Correct as
9. Check the unit wiring for
loose connections,
corrosion, and damage.
Correct as necessary.
10. Check the engine
accessory drive belts for
wear, weather cracking,
and damage. Replace as
11. Visually inspect the unit
looking for leaks, wear or
damage, loose connections
or components, and
corrosion. Correct as
12. Test the engine and
transfer switch safety
devices. Correct and/or
adjust as necessary.
Standby Generator Sets
Service Schedule
SrvSchd002 Rev. C 05/06