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5. Model name & Serial number D/L

▪ Press "Power on" key of service remote control.
(Baud rate : 115200 bps)
▪ Connect RS232 Signal Cable to RS-232 Jack.
▪ Write Serial number by use RS-232.
▪ Must check the serial number at the Product/Service info..
(menu key -> red key -> select product/Service info)

5.1. Signal Table

CMD : A0h
LENGTH : 85~94h (1~16 bytes)
ADH : EEPROM Sub Address high (00~1F)
ADL : EEPROM Sub Address low (00~FF)
Data : Write data
CS : CMD + LENGTH + ADH + ADL + Data_1 +...+ Data_n
Delay : 20ms

5.2. Comand Set

* Description
FOS Default write : <7mode data> write
Vtotal, V_Frequency, Sync_Polarity, Htotal, Hstart, Vstart, 0,
Data write : Model Name and Serial Number write in EEPROM,.

5.3. Method & notice

(1) Serial number D/L is using of scan equipment.
(2) Setting of scan equipment operated by Manufacturing
Technology Group.
(3) Serial number D/L must be conformed when it is produced in
production line, because serial number D/L is mandatory by
D-book 4.0.

* Manual Download(Model Name and Serial Number)

If the TV set is downloaded by OTA or Service man, sometimes
model name or serial number is initialized.(Not always)
There is impossible to download by bar code scan, so It need
Manual download.
1) Press the "Instart" key of Adjustment remote control.
2) Go to the menu "6.Model Number D/L" like below photo.
3) Input the Factory model name or Serial number like photo.
4) Check the model name Instart menu.
Factory name displayed.
(ex 42LD450-ZA)
5) Check the Diagnostics.(DTV country only) Buyer model
displayed.(ex 42LD450)
Adjust mode CMD(hex) LENGTH(hex) Description
EEPROM WRITE A0h 84h+n n-bytes Write (n = 1~16)