Self-timer ( ) / Right button

Motion Timer


Icon & Self-timer lamp

Pressing the Shuter button after

Blink (1 second interval)

setting the Motion Timer


Detecting the subject's movement

Blink (0.25 second interval)



No movement is detected

Turn on and the image is taken after

2 seconds


The Motion Timer flows are as followings. (Movie Clip mode excluded)

Selecting the Motion Timer $Pressing the Shutter button $

Confirming the composition (Within 6 sec.)*1 $Starting the detection (Swing your hands fully)*2 $Stopping the detection (Do not move)

$Taking an image (after 2 sec.)

*1: The camera detects the subject's movement 6 seconds after pressing the Shtter button, so confirm the composition within 6 seconds.

*2: Move your body or hands fully.

MENU / OK button

MENU button

-When you press the MENU button, a menu related to each camera mode will be displayed on the LCD monitor. Pressing it again will return the LCD to the initial display.

-A menu option can be displayed when the following are selected : MOVIE CLIP and STILL IMAGE mode. There is no menu available when the voice recording function is selected.



Foucs Area

Center AF

Voice Memo


Voice Record


[Pressing the MENU button]




[Menu off]

[Menu on]

OK button

- When the menu is displayed on the LCD monitor, this button is used


In the following cases, the Motion Timer may not operate.

The focus distance is over 3m.

The exposure is too bright or dark

In backlight conditions.

The movement is insignificant

The movement is detected beyond the center part (50%) of the sensor where the movement is recognized.

If the camera doesn`t sense any movement for 30 seconds, or the camera doesn’t sense stillness after sensing movement

The detection range of

Motion Timer

for shifting the cursor to the sub menu or for confirming data.