Changing the Input source






Component DisplayPort


To go to Options, press and hold the Enter button.

-- The displayed image may differ depending on the model.

Source allows you to select a variety of sources and change source device names.

You can display the screen of a source device connected to the product. Select a source from source list to display the screen of the selected source.

――The input source can also be changed by using the SOURCE button on the remote control.

――The screen may not display correctly if an incorrect source is selected for the source device you want to convert to. ――To view detailed information about connected source devices, press the TOOLS button from the Source page.

Edit Name

SOURCE Source TOOLS Edit Name ENTER E Customize the name of a connected external device.

――The list can include the following source devices. Source devices on the list differ depending on the selected source.

PC / Cable STB / Satellite STB / PVR STB / Game / Blu-ray /DVD / VCR / AV Receiver / Camcorder / DVI PC / DVI Devices / TV / IPTV / HD DVD / DMA

InformationSOURCE Source TOOLS Information ENTER EYou can see detailed information about the selected external device.