Power Point


•• Compatible with Flash 10.1•• Flash Animation-- Compatible file format : SWF•• Recommended resolution : 960 x 540 -- Caution

Performance comparable to Flash Player on a Windows operating system cannot be guaranteed

Optimization is needed during content creation•• Flash Video-- Compatible file format : FLV-- VideoCodec : H.264 BPResolution : 1920 x 1080-- Audio

Codec : H.264 BP

-- CautionF4V file format is not supportedScreen Video is not supported
•• Compatible document file formats -- Extension : ppt, pptx-- Version : Office 97 ~ Office 2007

•• Functions not supported -- Animation effect

-- 3D shapes (which will be displayed in 2D) -- Header and footer (some subitems are not

supported) -- Word Art -- Align

A group alignment error may occur -- Office 2007SmartArt is not fully supported. 97 out of 115 subitems are supported.-- Object insertion

-- Half-width characters -- Letter spacing

-- Charts-- Vertical text

some subitems are not supported -- Slide notes and handout

•• Compatible document file formats -- Extension : pdf•• Functions not supported

-- Content less than 1 pixel not supported because of performance degradation issue.

-- Masked Image, Tiled Image content not supported.

-- Content with Rotated Text, not supported. -- 3D Shadow Effects not supported.

-- Some characters not supported (Special characters may be corrupted)