Screen Protection

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Screen Protection

Auto Protection Time




Screen Burn Protection

-- The displayed image may differ depending on the model.

Auto Protection Time

If the screen displays a still image for a certain period of time you define, the product activates the screen saver to prevent the formation of burnt in ghost images on the screen.

•• Off / 2 hours / 4 hours / 8 hours / 10 hours

Screen Burn Protection

To reduce the possibility of screen burn, this unit is equipped with Screen Burn Protection screen burn prevention technology.

Screen Burn Protection moves the picture slightly on the screen.

The Screen Burn Protection Time setting allows you to programme the time between movements of the picture in minutes.

Pixel ShiftMinimize image retention by finely moving pixels horizontally or vertically.•• Pixel Shift (Off / On)――Horizontal, Vertical and Time are enabled only when Pixel Shift is set to On.•• Horizontal: Sets how many pixels the screen moves horizontally.•• Vertical: Sets how many pixels the screen moves vertically.

•• Time: Set the time interval for performing the horizontal or vertical movement, respectively.

Available Pixel Shift Settings and Optimum Settings.



Available Settings
Optimum Settings




Horizontal (pixels)0 ~ 4





Vertical (pixels)

0 ~ 4





Time (minute)1 min ~ 4 min4 min

――The Pixel Shift value may differ depending on the product size (inches) and mode.

――Displaying a still image or a 4:3 output for an extended period of time may cause image retention. This is not a defect in the product.

――If Picture Size is set to Screen Fit, Pixel Shift is disabled.