The Schedule Recording/Timeshift Function Isn't Working

Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) Isn't Working

I Have Trouble Launching/Using Apps

My File Won't Play

I Want to Reset the TV

Other Issues

Precautions and Notes

Before Using the Recording and Timeshift Functions

99Before using the recording and Schedule Recording functions

101Before using the Timeshift function

Supported broadcasting audio options

Supported Resolutions for UHD Input Signals

102If HDMI UHD Color is set to Off

102If HDMI UHD Color is set to On

Read Before Using Voice Interaction

103 Precautions for Voice Interaction

103 Requirements for using Voice Interaction

Read Before Using Apps

Read Before Using the Web Browser

Read Before Playing Photo, Video, or Music Files

107Limitations on use of Photo, Video, and Music files

108Supported external subtitles

108Supported internal subtitles

109Supported image formats and resolutions

109Supported music formats and codecs

110Supported video codecs

Read After Installing the TV

113Picture sizes and input signals

114Installing an anti-theft lock

114 Read before setting up a wireless Internet connection

Read Before Connecting a Computer (Supported Resolutions)




Supported Resolutions for Video Signals

118 CEA-861

Read Before Using Bluetooth Devices

119 Restrictions on using Bluetooth

Buttons and Functions

120Buttons and functions available while playing multimedia content

122Buttons and functions available while using sports mode

123Buttons and functions available while recording a programme or Timeshift