Get the most out of your music player. Listen to and organise music, audio books and podcasts that you have transferred to your phone's internal storage from a computer, or purchased and downloaded from online stores.

To make content easily available to the music player, you can use the Media Go™ application. Media Go™ helps transfer music content between a computer and a phone. For more information, see Connecting your phone to a computer on page 117.

Protecting your hearing

Listening to the music player or other media players for a prolonged period of time can damage your hearing, even when the volume is at a moderate level. To alert you to such risks, a volume level warning appears when the volume is too high, and after the music player is used for over 20 hours.

To turn off the volume level warning

When appears, tap OK to dismiss the warning.

Every time you restart your phone, the media volume is automatically set to a safe level.

Copying media files to your phone's internal storage

Copy all your favourite media content from computer to phone and start using your phone's entertainment features to the full. It's easy to transfer music, photos, videos and other files. Just connect your phone to a computer with a USB cable and use either the computer's file manager application or the Media Go™ application to transfer your files.

See Connecting your phone to a computer on page 117 for more general information about connecting your phone to a computer and transfering files.

Using the music player

To play audio content

1From your Home screen screen, tap Media > to open the music player. If is not displayed, tap , then find and tap .

2Tap MY MUSIC to open the music library.

3Select a music category and browse to the track that you want to open.

4Tap a track to play it.

Music player overview




















































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