Additional pressure cooker guarantee

TEFAL pressure cookers may be brought/sent directly to a TEFAL Authorized Service Partner (list & adresses available on for repair during & after the guarantee.

TEFAL pressure cookers have a 10 year extended guarantee from the date of purchase or delivery date, against any faulty materials or workmanship related to the pot or any premature damage of the metal base provided the product is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended product instructions. This guarantee does not include any damage due to inappropriate use or resulting from knocks, falls or by placing the product in the oven.

It should be noted that the normal life of the gasket, pressure control, valves, handles or locking indicator seal is limited. These parts are excluded from this 10 year guarantee and will require periodic renewal. Accessories such as the basket, trivet, timer (where applicable) and steam plate are guaranteed for 2 years only.

Consumers’ Rights and additional information

This TEFAL commercial guarantee does not affect the statutory rights a consumer may have or those rights that cannot be excluded or limited, nor rights against the retailer from which the consumer purchased the product. This guarantee gives a consumer specific legal rights, and the consumer may also have other legal rights which vary from State to State or Country to Country. The consumer may assert any such rights at his sole discretion. For details please consult If you have any queries please contact our customer relations team first for expert help and advice.