Color TV With Video Cassette Recorder - Unique space saving design combines a color TV and a video cassette
High Quality Picture Technology - This TV/VCR equipped “HQ” incorporates VHS High Quality technology. A built-in detail
enhancer is used to boost the recorded signal and provide picture quality during playback. It is compatible with other VHS
video cassette recorders.
181 Channel Tuner - Receives standard VHF and UHF broadcast channels and up to 113 cable channels. The actual
number of channels received depends upon channel reception in your area or your cable system.
Closed Caption Decoder With Full Text Mode - Displays text captions or full screen text on the screen for hearing
impaired viewers.
8-Programs/1-Month Programmable Timer With Everyday/Every Week Capability - The built-in timer allows automatic
absentee recording of up to 8 TV programs within 1 month. It is also possible to record a program which is broadcast at the
same time everyday or every week.
Starting Setup - It leads you the Language selection, TV/CABLE selection, Auto channel memory and Auto clock setting
Automatic Clock Set - Once your TV/VCR is plugged into the AC outlet, it automatically sets the correct date and time.
On-Screen TV Display And VCR Programming - When you select a channel or make other changes, the TV will show an
indicator on the screen for a few seconds. Timer recording can be programmed and confirmed on the screen.
Picture Adjustments Using The Remote Control - The On-Screen display allows remote control adjustment of BRIGHT-
Picture Preference - You can select four picture modes (Sports, Standard, Movie and Memory).
Automatic Playback/Rewind-Stop-Eject - When loading a cassette tape without the erase prevention tab, this TV/ VCR
will automatically play back the cassette tape at the correct speed. When a tape reaches its end during play-back, recording
(except during OTR and Timer Record) and fast forward, it will automatically stop, rewind, stop and eject the tape.
Programmable ON/OFF Timer - Allows you to automatically turn on or off the TV/VCR at a set time.
Programmable TV Sleep Timer - Operable from the remote control, the TV can be programmed up to 120 minutes to turn
off automatically.
Automatic Repeat Play System - When Auto Repeat option is turned on, the TV/VCR will automatically play back the
same cassette tape repeatedly.
One-touch Timer Recording (OTR) - Simply by pressing the REC buttons, the TV/VCR can be programmed for up to 6
hours of recording with an immediate start.
Front Audio/Video Input Jacks - Input jacks for other video device or playback purpose.
Skip Search - When the SKIP SEARCH button on the remote control is pressed during playback, the TV/VCR will auto-
matically search forward in 30 second increments to a maximum of 3 minutes with each press of the SKIP SEARCH button,
and then return to normal playback.
Index Search - Enables you to locate the beginning of any recording made on the VCR.
2 Speed Picture Search - 3 or 5 times normal speed in SP mode (9X or 15X in SLP).
2 Speed Record Playback - Records and plays two tape speeds (SP, SLP).
Real Time Tape Counter With Zero Return - The counter displays the real tape time and the zero return can be used to
return the tape to a preselected position (00:00:00) while the counter can be used to locate programs.
Digital Auto Tracking - Automatically adjusts tracking during playback for the best possible picture.
On-Screen 3 Language Display - You can select one of 3 languages, English, Spanish or French for on-screen programming.
V-Chip - The V-Chip function can read the rating of a TV program or movie content if the program is encoded with this
information. V-Chip will allow you to set a restriction level.
TV Monitor - When the TV MONITOR button on the remote control is pressed during playback, the TV channel selected on
the TV/VCR can be viewed.
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