OSD Icon Summary
Icon Function Function Description
Brightness Adjusts display brightness
Contrast Adjusts display contrast
H. Size Increases and decreases screen width
H. Position Shifts display image right or left
V. Size Increase and decrease screen height
V. Position Shifts display image up or down
Pin. Balance Adjusts each side of Pincushion
Pincushion Adjusts concave and convex portion of
pincushion effect
Parallelogram Adjusts the tilt of the display sides to the left
or right
Trapezoid Adjusts the top and bottom display widths
Rotation Adjusts the rotation of the display clock or
Color Temp. Adjusts the warmth of the displayed colors
Reset Resets to default values
Degauss Demagnetizes the screen to reduce color
Exit Exits the OSD menu