ASK Proxima C200 (DP6500x) Projector

Frequently Asked Questions: Features

What kinds of input and outputs will the C200 handle?

The C200 can connect to two computers and up to five video sources. For information about video inputs, consult the Video Connections Chart.

Does the projector support closed captioning?

The projector does not have the ability to decode and display closed captioning on its own. The projector will display closed captioning if the signal being sent to the projector already includes the decoded closed captioning information. Some cable boxes, VCRs, and DVD players have this capability built in, and some do not.

Can I send a presentation over a network to the C200?

The C200 can be managed over the network using ASK Proxima’s ProjectorNet. However, at this point, you cannot send content (for example, presentations) to the projector via a network.

Is the C200 wireless?

ASK Proxima offers a wireless module (LiteShow) that plugs into the M1-D connector. This allows you to send content to an C200 from a laptop with wireless capability without connecting any cables. The wireless module gets power from the projector, and will not need a separate power source.

Does the C200 have a motorized zoom?

No. The C200 does not include a power zoom.

Can you adjust the keystone on the C200?

Yes. There is an adjustment on the projector keypad, as well as in the menus. For more information, see the keystoning question in the Computer FAQ.

The image is cut in half or is cropped on one side.

The C200 runs in XGA resolution (1024 X 768 pixels), and offers intelligent compression for resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 (SXGA). It also can expand images at 640 x 480, and 800 x 600 to 1024 x 768. Some desktop computers run at a higher resolution than this, which can cause display problems. Make sure your computer is set to 1024 x 768 resolution. If you're using a laptop, disable the internal display so the image appears on the projection screen only.

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