Atlantis Land 301 user manual Getting Started, Installation, Setting up Your Phone

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Getting Started

Getting Started


IPH301 is a cordless phone that enable user to place and

Connecting Base unit

receive both traditional phone calls and Skype internet


calls without using a computer.


Package Contents: The IPH301 box includes the following items:

1.Base unit



Power adaptor for base


Connect one end of power adaptor to the base


NiMH AAA Rechargeable Battery x 2


unit( 9V DC ), the other end to a standard wall


Telephone line cord





Connect the telephone line cord to the base unit


Ethernet Cable



) and the telephone socket for landline


User Manual






Quick Start Guide


Connect the LAN port of base unit (

) to your




ADSL or cable modem using the ethernet cable

If there are missing items, contact your dealer

Charging the Battery

1.Place the two rechargeable batteries into the battery compartment of the handset

2.Slide the battery door to close it.

3.Put the handset into the base unit for charging for 15 hours before initial use.

Setting up Your Phone

Once the handset is turned on, it is required to configure for the first time as follows:

Language - Select Language

Agreement - Read the Skype agreement and accept it.

Country code - Enter international calling code for your country , e.g 39 for Italy, 1 for US

Area code - It indicates geographical area within one country that is covered by hundreds of telephone exchanges. Enter the area code if necessary

Signing in to Skype

After setup is completed, you can start with sign-in process by clicking sign-in option on the Right soft key.

If you already have Skype account , sign in with your username and password.

You can save your Skype name and password for future automatic log-in.

If you don’t have Skype account, you can choose to create the new account. Enter your Skype name and password , read the Skype agreement and accept it.

Once signed in successfully, your Skype contacts are downloaded to your phone. This could take several minutes depending on the internet traffic and number of contacts. You can make and receive calls.

Making a Skype call

To make Skype to Skype calls:

Press Contacts

Use Up/Down key to scoll down and select the contacts you want to call

Press Send button

to make the call

When finished the call, press the end button Installation

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Atlantis Land 301 user manual Getting Started, Installation, Setting up Your Phone, Signing in to Skype