Intrusion Systems | Commercial Wireless ISW‑EN4216R LCD Receiver

The ISW‑EN4216R LCD Receiver integrates up to sixteen
900 MHz wireless transmitters into any application. The
Commercial Wireless platform uses diversity reception and
advanced signal processing to reduce dead spots in
transmission areas. The liquid crystal display (LCD) allows
the user to view the current status of all transmitters and
view the history of events. Each receiver stores up to 50
events. The receiver provides versatile options for adding
high performance wireless to an installation.

System Overview

Powered by Inovonics
The Commercial Wireless platform, powered by Inovonics
wireless mesh network technology, ensures superior range,
reliability, and scalability for commercial applications.
Using a wide range of transmitters and repeaters, this
proven technology provides flexibility and performance to
meet the most stringent requirements. This exclusive
protocol is available only on Commercial Wireless products.
Wireless 900 MHz Band
The Commercial Wireless platform sends redundant
information on several multi-frequency channels within the
FCC Part 15 900 MHz band, providing superior range and
reliability. In comparison, systems that use a single
frequency technology can only send information on one
narrow band channel. Any interference within the band can
cause missed signals. With wireless registration, it is easy
to add this technology to any application.


Flexible Outputs
Transmitters and repeater faults and alarms map to any of
the receiver models.
Wireless Registration
There is no external programmer required. The transmitter
is enrolled using a wireless programming routine built into
the receiver. Wireless registration reduces installation time.
Secure Wireless Implementation
Jam detection monitors all channels for the presence of
interference for more than 20 sec. A reset terminal is inside
the receiver, allowing the receiver to accept external reset
signals. The receiver includes a case tamper and internal
antennas for added security.
Commercial Wireless ISW‑EN4216R LCDReceiver
Monitors up to 16 transmitters or repeaters
Text display (LCD)
Cost-effective solution for small systems
Flexible alarm and fault output
Wireless registration
Compatible with a variety of transmitters and control
Secure wireless implementation
Exclusive wireless protocol ensures maximum
performance and reliability