Superior Color Imaging
The Superior Color Imaging technologies built into the
MF8380Cdw capture fine details with remarkable tone-
on-tone clarity, helping images stay true to the original.
Pure Black Technology
Pure Black Technology
helps to ensure the
richest blacks by
utilizing only the black
toner when printing,
copying, or scanning,
in comparison to
traditional methods of
combining toner colors.
Auto Gradation Adjustment
The Auto Gradation Adjustment automati-
cally adjusts the gradation, color and
density in accordance with the ambient
temperature and humidity, for more
consistent output quality.
Background Removal
Revitalize old documents
with the background
removal tool. Automatically
erasing the aged or
antiqued background
during copying and scanning,
it leaves you with the
content you want without the look of a discolored document.


Energy Saver Mode
The intelligent Energy Saver Mode reduces
your power consumption to approximately
1.4 watts wired and 2.2 watts wireless of
energy and meets Energy Star guidelines,
helping you save money on energy costs.
Generation Green
The MF8380Cdw is part of Canon’s
Generation Green program which
highlights the company’s
commitment to sustainability.


All Mode Duplex
The MF8380Cdw features auto duplex functionality which
allows you to print, copy, fax or color scan from one-sided
originals to produce two-sided output with ease, cutting
your paper usage as much as half.
Direct Print/Scan to USB
If you’re on-the-go, the MF8380Cdw offers a USB port to
facilitate scanning files directly to, or printing files directly
from, a USB removable media.
Department ID Management
A key way to control output costs is by setting limits on
who can use the machine. Department ID Management
allows an administrator to set up to 300 User IDs
and Passwords, so that costs may be monitored and
controlled. You can even restrict color usage to specific
users or departments.
Scan to Email/Scan to Network
Easily scan paper documents and send them to a
recipient through E-mail or File Server, bringing your work
environment increased efficiency.
Auto Fax Forwarding
You can set the MF8380Cdw to forward your received fax
documents to a fax number or fax group. Your gain is
enhanced document control; you can ensure your received
faxes reach the right hands automatically and efficiently.
Executive Suite
Marketing Dept.
Purchasing Dept.
Cost Control
Color Laser Multifunction Printer

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