5. Depth-of-Field Scale


6. Hood




The depth of field is the distance in front of and behind the plane of focus on the subject that appears sharp. The depth of field is indicated by the area between the depth-of-field scale lines below the distance scale. Numbers in the scale are in F values, and for example, if the shooting distance is 5m and the aperture is f/11, the sharp area will extend from about 4m to 7m.

The depth-of-field scale is an approximate indicator.

The ES-79 II hood can keep unwanted light out of the lens, and also protects the lens from rain, snow, and dust.

Attach the hood using the following procedure. ¡While pressing the button on the back of the hood, push it against the hood mount of the


¡Release the button and place the claws of the hood in the groove on the hood mount.

The hood can be reverse-mounted on the lens for storage.

Part of the picture may be blocked if the hood is not attached properly.