Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch SIP Feature and Provisioning Guide, Release 5.0
SIP Subscribers
Revised: April 17, 2008, OL-12397-13
The Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch supports SIP subscribers on SIP phones that are compliant with
RFC 3261 or RFC 2543. This section describes the support for SIP subscribers and how to provision SIP
subscriber features.
In this document
SIP subscriber means a SIP phone that is registered directly to the BTS 10200 and for which the
BTS 10200 maintains subscriber information.
SIP ANI-based subscriber means a SIP phone that communicates with the BTS10200 over a SIP
Note For quick-reference tables listing the subscriber features, see the “Comparison of SIP-Based Features
and MGCP-Based Features” section on page 2-13.
This section covers the following topics:
SIP Phone Initialization, page 2-2
Provisioning a SIP Subscriber, page 2-2
SIP Registration and Security, page2-2
SIP User Authentication, page 2-9
SIP Subscriber Calls, page 2-10
Provisioning Session Timers for SIP Subscribers, page2-11
SIP Timer Values for SIP Subscribers, page2-11
Diversion Indication for SIP Subscribers, page 2-12
Comparison of SIP-Based Features and MGCP-Based Features, page 2-13
Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch-Based Features, page 2-18
Jointly Provided Features, page 2-29
Phone-Based Features, page 2-32