High Performance
Pendant Luminaire
Shallow Bowl with
Two Trim Options
Specifications and dimensions subject to change without notice.
Consult your representative for additional options and finishes.


The 1215 Shallow Direct/Indirect High Performance Luminous
Pendant features a Double Trim Ring (2TR) or a Traditional Trim Ring
(TTR) and is available in three diameters with multiple mounting
Painted and plated cold rolled
steel or natural aluminum with a
matte white acrylic bowl. Single
Stem (Standard): 5/8" stem with
a standard hang height of 28"
(OA) for the 26" dia., 32" (OA) for
the 36" dia. and 42" (OA) for the
44" dia. Minimum overall hang
height is 18" (OA). Maximum
overall hang height for one-piece
stem assembly is 8' (OA). 9' to
30' (OA) stems are supplied in
multiple sections and require
field assembly. Supplied with a
swivel canopy which will
accommodate up to 45°
adjustment. pattern) - SC (Satin
Chrome) stem(s).
Standard: Matte White (MW).
Premium: Natural Aluminum
(NA) [Sustainable Design], Satin
Chrome (SC), Polished Chrome
(PC), Satin Nickel (SN), Polished
Nickel (PN), Satin Brass (SB),
Polished Brass (PB), Oxidized
Brass (OBRS), Lacquered Satin
Aluminum (SAL), Satin Copper
(SCP), Polished Copper (PCP),
Oxidized Copper (OCP), Gun
Metal (GNM) or Custom Paint
Color (CC). Regressed solid edge
(between rings) will be satin
finish with all polished finishes
with the 2TR. Custom Decorative
Metals: (Specify a Color and
Pattern) Colors - Clear (CLR),
Cabernet (CBT), Sapphire (SPE),
Sage (SGE), Brass (BRS), Copper
(CPR), Black Pearl (BPL), Slate
Green (SGN), Champagne (CMP),
Chocolate (CLE), Indigo (IDO),
Royal Blue (RBE), or Pewter
(PWR). Patterns - Coral (COL),
Seashell (SHL) or Smooth (SMT).
Note: Select a standard or
premium finish for the stem(s)
and canopy. Example: SGE (Sage
color finish) - SMT (Smooth
pattern) - SC (Satin Chrome)
stem(s) and canopy. Minimum
quantity is 5 for one
color/pattern. Contact the factory
for lead time.
Dedicated CFL lamp optics with a
"kick reflector" formed out of
94% reflective specular anodized
aluminum. Three or four
individual T6 metal halide or
halogen dedicated optic systems.
The main reflector is formed with
94% reflective specular anodized
aluminum and the upper
reflector is formed out of 94%
reflective semi-specular anodized
Integral CFL electronic HPF,
multi-volt 120/277V (347V
Canada), thermally protected
with end-of-life circuitry to
accommodate the specified lamp
wattage. Metal Halide ballast is
electronic HPF, multi-volt
(120V/277V) for the specified
lamp wattage. 347V MH ballast -
contact factory.
26" - Three (3) or six (6) 27W
(2G11) high lumen CFL lamps,
three (3) 32W (GX24q-3) or 42W
(GX24q-4) 4-pin triple CFL lamps,
or three (3) 39W or 70W T6 CDM
metal halide lamps, or three (3)
150W T4 (DC Bay) clear linear
halogen lamps. One (1) 22W
(2GX13) T5 circular lamp (bowl
36"- Three (3) or six (6) 27W, 39W,
40W, 50W or 55W (2G11) high
lumen CFL lamps, three (3) 32W
(GX24q-3), 42W (GX24q-4) 4-pin
triple or 57W (GX24q-5) or 70W
(GX24q-6) 4-pin triple HO CFL
lamps or three (3) 39W, 70W or
150W T6 CDM metal halide
lamps or three (3)150W T4 (DC
Bay) clear linear halogen lamps.
One (1) 40W (2GX13) T5 circular
lamp (bowl illumination).
44" - Four (4) or eight (8) 27W,
39W, 40W, 50W or 55W (2G11)
high lumen CFL lamps, four (4)
57W (GX24q-5) or 70W (GX24q-
6) 4-pin triple HO CFL lamps or
four (4) 70W or 150W T6 CDM
metal halide lamps, or four (4)
150W T4 DC Bay) clear linear
halogen lamps. One (1) 40W
(2GX13) T5 circular lamp (bowl
illumination). CFL sockets
injection molded plastic. Metal
halide socket ceramic pulse-
rated, 4KV. Lamps furnished by
Installation requires 1/4-20 UNC-
2A All Thread rod. All Thread
(supplied by others) through a
standard J-box to an integral
support canopy support system.
The 1/4-20 UNC-2A All Thread
rod must be attached to the
building structure to support the
fixture's weight.
Dimming Ballast - Except 27W, &
DM bowl illumination as a MOD
with T5 55W only, contact factory
for ballast options (DM), Sloped
Ceiling Adaptor - Specify up to
45° (SCA), Triple Stem (3S),
Single Stem with Aircraft Cable
(1SAC), Aircraft Cable with White
SJ Cord (SJWAC), Aircraft Cable
with Clear SJ Cord (SJCAC),
Quad Pod - 44"only (QP), Tri-Pod -
26" & 36" only (TP), Hand-Painted
Faux Alabaster Bowl (FB), Hand
Painted Faux Linen Bowl (LNB),
Remote Emergency Battery
(REM), Separate Switching -
contact factory (SSW), Factory
Fuse (FF) & Quartz Restrike -
contact factory, Downlight (D),
Damp Location (DL): All Painted
Finishes, Lacquered Satin
Chrome (SCL) and Lacquered
Satin Nickel (SNL) finishes only.
Contact factory for multi-bowl
and alternative mounting
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New Custom
Decorative Metals Finish
Shaper has a long-standing history
of offering environmentally-friendly
fixtures. The copper and bronze alloys
used in our exterior luminaires feature
up to 98% recycled content, contribute
less undesirable air emissions compared
to painted aluminum and are easy to
Shaper offers a line of products that
offer optically-engineered, high
performance optics for compact
fluorescent, metal halide and halogen
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