Electrolux Blast Freezers

Blast Chiller/ Freezer - 56 kg 10 GN2/1
Chilling means bringing the temperature of cooked food from +90ºC to +3°C in a short time lap which does not allow
bacterial growth .Electrolux Blast Chillers/Freezers reduce temperature from +90ºC to +3°C at food core in less than 90
minutes and down to -18ºC in less than four hours: the model detailed on this sheet performs this cycle up to a 56 kg full
load. After the Blast Chilling/freezing process a holding cycle starts automatically to maintain food at -18 °C. Blast chilled
food has a solid 5 days shelf life without loss of flavour, nutritional values and weight. The opportunity to prepare in a
single shot the food to be used in different times during the week enables a better work scheduling and therefore a
sensible reduction in labour costs. The range of Electrolux Blast Chillers/freezers consists of models with built in
refrigerating unit that offer an excellent all-round performance.
Soft Chilling (Air temperature –2°C).
Hard Chilling (Air temperature
All the probe-driven cycles feature
ARTE (Algorithm for Remaining Time
Estimation) to make planning the
activities easier.
Holding at +3°C (automatically
activated at the end of each cycle).
Turbo cooling: the chiller works
continuously at the desired
temperature. Ideal for continuous
Automatic recognition of the
insertion of the food probe (cycles
piloted either by food probe
temperature or by time).
The control unit provides several
operating settings: time/core
temperature according to NF and UK
regulations, time/air
temperature/probe personalised
according to national regulations,
sterilizing cycle: UV lamps built-in (on
request), 3 single sensor or 3-sensor
temperature probes (as accessory),
ideal for meats, automatic defrosting
and manual defrosting. All parameters
are programmable.
Single sensor core probe as
The control unit provides two large
displays to read out: time, core
temperature, cycle countdown,
alarms, service information.
Two customizable cycles (P1 & P2)
for each operating mode, allowing to
set the time and air temperature.
These programs can be converted
into ice-cream specialized cycles
(shape maintainance and holding).
All information related to the
different operating models are
recorded: date, time, cycle, core
temperature, holding temperature,
HACCP accordance.
An audible alarm starts when the
cycle ends or terminates abnormally.
Chilling times can vary according to
food quantity, density, moisture
contents and type of containers.