Approval: ___________________________________________
602101 (DGR10U) 10 Panini Grill, ribbed/ribbed
120 V/1p/60Hz
602102 (DGS10U) 10 Panini Grill, ribbed/smooth
120 V/1p/60Hz
602103 (DGSS1OU) 10 Panini Grill, smooth/smooth
120 V/1p/60Hz
Item No. ___________________________________
Unit to be Electrolux Dito 10 Panini Grill. Electrical character-
istics to be 120 V SINGLE-phase operation. Thanks to its small
size, it is easy to handle and to position, offering as well a large
10 cooking surface. It is available in two versions: plate L
(smooth) and plate R (ribbed) and mixed surface.

Short Form Specification

Electrolux Professional, Inc.
3225 SW 42nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33312 • Telephone Number: 866-449-4200 • Fax Number: 954-327-6789
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Cast Iron Panini Grill Series10 Panini Grill
Main features
Available in 3 different versions:
top and bottom ribbed surface
top and bottom smooth surface
top ribbed surface and bottom smooth surface
Cast iron plates are covered by a vitreous enamel coating, making
them scratch and rust proof and ensuring hygiene. They are acid
and salt proof and resistant to oxidation.
Stainless steel 430 construction.
Shock-proof heating elements 1.7 kW.
Mounted inside the plate for a perfect thermal conductivity.
Adjustable thermostat up to 570 °F.
Self-balancing upper plate adjusts to different heights to halve cooking
times and double performance.
Made of stainless steel AISI 430 and the cooking surface is made of a
special cast iron treated with verified food enamel, this guarantees hygienic
conditions and high resistance to acids, salts and oxidation processes.
Dimensions: (H×L×W): 6.69 × 10 × 10.
Approx. shipping weight—40 lbs.
ETL electrical and ETL sanitation listed. ETL Canada.
NEMA # : 5-20P.
2 year parts warranty, 1 year labor.
Cooking surface dimensions: 10 × 10.
Top plate shut-off switch standard.

Cast Iron Panini Grill Series

10 Panini Grill

Cast Iron Panini Grill Series
10” Panini Grill