Gas Pasta Cookers
The 700XP range is comprised of over 100 models designed to guarantee the highest level of performance,
reliability, energy saving, safety standards and ergonomic operation. These concepts are reflected throughout
the line in its modularity, construction and numerous configurations: countertop (on base or table),
free-standing, on concrete or stainless steel socle, bridged or cantilever. Thanks to its advance technology and
premium performance, 700XP is a perfect solution for institutions of small sizes with limited footprint as well as
restaurants needing to obtain the most from the kitchen space. The models detailed in this sheet are
freestanding gas pasta cookers.
• Main connections are
accessible from the base or rear of
the unit.
• Access to all components from
the front.
• No electrical connection needed.
• ESD available as accessory to
be installed separately: the energy
saving device uses the heat still
present in the water drained
through the overflow to pre-heat
the tap-in water up to 60°C, thus
ensuring constant water boiling.
• Well in AISI 316-L stainless steel
is seamlessly welded into the top
of the appliance and guarantees
high resistance against the
aggressive environment caused by
the salty hot water.
• One piece pressed worktop in
1,5mm stainless steel with
smooth, rounded corners.
• Exterior panels in stainless steel
with Scotch Brite finish.
• All models have right-angled,
laser cut side edges to allow
flush-fitting joins between units
eliminating gaps and possible dirt
• Feet in stainless steel are
adjustable up to 50 mm in height.
• The freestanding gas pasta
cooker is the ideal appliance for
restaurants needing to cook pasta,
noodles of every type, rice,
dumplings, vegetables and soups
for large or small servings. The
pasta cooker may also be used to
steam small quantities of food
with the use of optional
accessories: perforated GN
containers and lids. This unit does
not require electrical connection.
• Unique EnergyControl feature:
precisely regulates the boiling
level and optimizes energy
• Easy to use control panel with
safety gas cock, piezo ignition and
water tap.
• Safety Thermostat to prevent
the machine from running without
• Large drain controlled through a
manual ball-valve for fast
emptying of the well.
• All gas appliances are supplied
for use with natural gas or LPG.
Conversion jets supplied as