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Introducing EyeTV 200
EyeTV 200 lets you watch, timeshift, record, edit and archive high-quality, MPEG-2 encoded
television on the Mac. With a FireWire interface and state-of-the-art MPEG-2 video
encoding, EyeTV 200 offers you a major upgrade in the quality of television you can enjoy on
your Mac.

All-in-One: Digital Video Recorder and Analog-

Digital Converter

EyeTV Digital Video Recorder
EyeTV is a digital video recorder. It allows you to:
watch live television on the Mac
record television digitally to the Mac’s hard drive
“shift time” by pausing live television, rewinding or fast forwarding
edit recorded television to remove unwanted content or save a favorite scene
archive favorite programs to DVD or VideoCD to play on most standard DVD players*
EyeTV Analog-Digital Converter
EyeTV 200 is a fully featured digital video recorder with MPEG-2 video encoding that allows
you to watch and record TV in pristine digital quality on your Mac.
In addition EyeTV provides S-Video and Composite Video input to capture video from any
analog source, like a camcorder or a VCR. EyeTV 200 acts as an analog-to-digital converter
letting you create a digital copy of your analog video footage. You may then edit the video
material with EyeTV‘s software and burn it onto DVD using Toast.
The appeal of digital video recording is clear: your busy life doesn’t adhere to network
programming schedules. EyeTV puts the scheduling and control in your hands. It uses a Mac
to manage recordings, and stores the video on the Mac’s hard drive.