Washing Procedures, continued
To open the lid during a spin, push in the cycle selec-
tor knob and wait about 2-3 minutes for the lid lock to
release. Do not force open the locked lid.
Place washed items in automatic dryer, line dry, or dry
at as directed by fabric care label. Excess wrinkling,
color transfer or odors may develop in items left in the
washer after the cycle has ended.
If a build-up of fabric softener occurs, clean with hot water.
For models without a fabric softener dispenser, follow
fabric softener label directions. Add diluted fabric softener
to the fi nal rinse. Do not pour fabric softener directly
on the wash load.

8 Select cycle and settings according to type, size and

soil level of each load.
See Operating Instructions on next page.

9 Start the washer.

Close the washer lid and pull out the cycle selector knob.
The washer will not fi ll with water, agitate or spin when the
lid is open, and will only start to do so if the lid is closed.
The washer will automatically turn off if the lid is lifted dur-
ing agitation to add a garment or laundry product after the
cycle has begun. The washer will resume the cycle where it
left off when the lid is again closed. If the washer doesn’t
agitate when the lid is closed, check the cycle selector
knob. It may have accidentally been pushed in when the lid
was opened, Pull out the knob to restart the washer.
To stop the washer during agitation, push in the cycle
selector knob.
Do not stop and restart washer during a spin when us-
ing the fabric softener dispenser.
To change a cycle after it has started, push in the cycle
selector knob. Turn it clockwise to the desired setting.
Pull out the knob to restart the washer.

10 Remove items when the cycle is completed.

The lid must be closed during spin. For your safety, the
lid locks when pre-pumping and remains locked when
pumping and spinning. It will remain locked for about
2-3 minutes after the cycle ends and the tub has come to
a complete stop.

6 Add laundry load to washer.

Dry load level should not be higher than the top of the
agitator vanes. Do not overload the washer.
To separate cap from cup,
put thumb into dispenser and push
against side of cup (see picture to the
left). After cleaning, push cap and
cup fi rmly together. Replace dispens-
er by lining up the ribs and grooves
and snapping it into position.
Do not put items on top of agitator or wrap them
around it. Load items evenly.
Combine large and small items in a load. Load large
items fi rst. Large items should not be more than half
the total wash load.
When washing a single heavy item, add 1 or 2 towels
to balance the load.

7 If desired, add liquid fabric softener to fabric soft-

ener dispenser (available on some models).
For models with a built-in dispenser:
Add liquid softener to the dispenser, following fabric
softener label directions. DO NOT use granular deter-
gent in this dispenser.
Add water to bring liquid level to fi ll line on dispenser
Remove the dispenser from the agitator after each use.
Rinse both cap and cup with warm
water. Replace dispenser in the
Do not use bleach in this dispenser.
To avoid serious personal injury, do not oper-
ate washer if safety lid lock is missing, damaged or operating