Haier HR-126-1 Basic Operation, The appliance must stand on even flooring, Tips for refrigeration

Models: HR-126-2 HR-126-1

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Basic Operation

Basic Operation

The appliance must stand on even flooring.

If the appliance is to be placed on a soft carpet, support the appliance with a solid wood board. If the appliance is placed on the carpet directly, the high-temperature compressor may cause color fading of the carpet.

The appliance must stand on even flooring.A separate earthed three-pole is required. Stop using the appliance if a sensation of electric shock is felt when touching the refrigerator.

Tips for refrigerationThe appliance must be properly earthed, especially in a place of thick moisture.

1.Clean the inner compartment.

2.A special socket is required.

3.After 2 or 3 hours of non-load operation, the inner compartment is cold enough and suitable for food storage.

Note: Foods in the refrigeration compartment may get frozen in following cases,

Temperature selection The temperature regulator is set at a higher figure than necessary. If so, reset the temperature regulator to a proper setting.

ApplicationIn winter, ambient temperature is lower than 5oC.

Tips for refrigeration

Temperature selection

Adjust the inner temperature in accordance with the ambient temperature and the amount of foods to be refrigerated.


Temperature difference 1-2 Summer, ambient temperature 25oC-35oC.

Manual background 2-4 Spring and autumn, ambient temperature 15oC-25oC.

Manual background 4-5 Winter, ambient temperature 5oC-15oC.

Manual background 6-7 Fast refrigeration and making ice. After that, reset the temperature to a normal setting. Otherwise, the foods in the refrigerator may be frozen.

Temperature difference

The inner temperature varies at different parts of the inner compartment. The coldest part is part 1, and the temperature gets warmer in turn of part 2,3 and 4.


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Haier HR-126-1 Basic Operation, The appliance must stand on even flooring, Tips for refrigeration, Temperature selection