Honda Power Equipment HRR216VXA Engine Maintenance, Engine Oil Level Check, Air Cleaner Service

Models: HRR216VXA

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Engine Oil Level Check

1. Unscrew and remove the filler cap/dipstick and wipe it clean.

2. Insert and remove the dipstick without screwing it into the filler neck. Check the oil level shown on the dipstick.

3.If the oil level is low, add oil to reach the upper limit mark on the dipstick. Do not overfill. If the engine is overfilled, the excess oil may get transferred to the air cleaner housing and air cleaner filter.

FILLER CAP/DIPSTICK (Do not screw in the dipstick when checking oil level)



Engine Oil Level Check LOWER


Please dispose of used motor oil and the containers in a manner that is compatible with the environment. We suggest you take it in a sealed container to your local recycling center or service station for reclamation. Do not throw it in the trash, pour it on the ground, or pour it down a drain.

4. Fill with the recommended oil. Do not overfill. Allow a couple of minutes for the oil to settle in the engine, and then measure the oil level as shown.


Using nondetergent oil can shorten the engine’s service life, and using 2-stroke oil can damage the engine.

Air Cleaner Service

A properly maintained air filter will help prevent dirt from entering your engine. Dirt entering the carburetor can be drawn into small passages in the carburetor and cause premature engine wear. These small passages can become blocked, causing starting or running problems.


Running the engine with a low oil level can cause engine damage. This type of damage is not covered by the DISTRIBUTOR’S LIMITED WARRANTY (page 19).

4. Screw in the filler cap/dipstick securely.

Engine Oil Recommendations

Oil is a major factor affecting performance and service life. Use 4-stroke automotive detergent oil.

Always change the oil in accordance with the MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE (page 9).

SAE 10W-30 is recommended














for general use. Other viscosities


























shown in the chart may be used

























when the average temperature in










your area is within the




















recommended range.

The SAE oil viscosity and service category are in the API label on

the oil container. Honda recommends API service category SJ or later oil.

Engine Oil Change

Drain the used oil while the engine is warm. Warm oil drains quickly and completely.

1.Turn the fuel valve OFF. This will reduce the possibility of fuel leakage.

2.Wipe the oil filler area clean, and then remove the oil filler cap/dipstick.

3.Place a suitable

container next to the mower to catch the used oil, and then tilt the mower on its right side.

The used oil will drain through the filler neck. Allow the oil to drain completely.

You will need to clean the filter more frequently if you operate the engine in very dusty conditions.


Operating the engine without an air cleaner or with a damaged air cleaner will allow dirt to enter the engine, causing rapid engine wear. This type of damage is not covered by the DISTRIBUTOR’S LIMITED WARRANTY (page 19).

We recommend the use of a Honda Genuine air filter to ensure it seals and performs as designed. Using a non-Honda air filter can result in dirt bypassing the filter, causing damage to the engine or fuel system.




AIR DUCT Engine Oil RecommendationsEngine Oil ChangeManual backgroundCOVER

1.Press down on the cover tabs and remove the cover.

2.Remove the filter from the air cleaner housing.

3.Inspect the filter, and replace it if damaged.

4.Clean the filter by tapping it several times on a hard surface to remove dirt, or blow compressed air (not exceeding 30 psi

[207 kPa]) through the filter from the inside. Never try to brush off dirt; brushing will force dirt into the fibers.

5.Using a moist rage, wipe dirt from the inside of the air cleaner housing and cover. Be careful to prevent dirt from entering the air duct that leads to the carburetor.

6.Reinstall the filter and cover.


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Honda Power Equipment HRR216VXA Engine Maintenance, Engine Oil Level Check, Air Cleaner Service, Engine Oil Change