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Important information for the IBM 8x4x32x8 MAX

CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combination Drive

The installation instructions for this option are in the User's Guide, which is available on the included CD and also on the Web at
Note: If your system does not have an optical drive already installed, you must install the 8x4x32x8 MAX CD-RW/DVD-ROM
Combination Drive to view the User's Guide on CD. If you are unable to view the User's Guide on CD or via the Web, you can refer
to your computer User's Guide for installation information.
To view the User's Guide on CD:
1. Insert the IBM CD-RW & DVD-ROM Software & User's Guide CD into the CD or DVD drive.
2. If the CD does not start, click Start and then click Run.
3. Type e:/launch.html/ where e is the drive letter of the CD or DVD drive.
4. Click OK. The CD browser window opens.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Help and service information
Warranty Information
See the IBM® Statement of Limited Warranty included in this
publication for IBM's warranty terms and conditions. The IBM
Machine Warranty worldwide Web site at
provides a worldwide overview of IBM’s Limited Warranty for
IBM Machines, a Glossary of IBM definitions, Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs) and Support by Product (Machine) with links to
Product Support pages. The IBM Statement of Limited Warranty
is also available on this site in 29 languages via pdf files.
Service and support
With the original purchase of an IBM machine, you have access to
extensive support coverage. During the IBM machine warranty
period, you may call IBM or your reseller for problem
determination assistance under the terms of the IBM Statement of
Limited Warranty.
Online and telephone technical support
This section contains information on how to obtain online and
telephone technical support.
Online technical support
Online technical support is available during the life of your
product. Online assistance can be obtained through the Personal
Computing Support Web site and the IBM Automated Fax System.
During the warranty period, assistance for replacement or exchange
of defective components is available. In addition, if your IBM
option is installed in an IBM computer, you might be entitled to
service at your location. Your technical support representative can
help you determine the best alternative.
Telephone technical support
Installation and configuration support through the HelpCenter® will
be withdrawn or made available for a fee, at IBM’s discretion, 90
days after the option has been withdrawn from marketing.
Additional support offerings, including step-by-step installation
assistance, are available for a nominal fee.
To assist the technical support representative, have available as
much of the following information as possible:
1. Option name
2. Option number
3. Proof of purchase
4. Computer manufacturer, model, serial number (if IBM), and
5. Exact wording of the error message (if any)
6. Description of the problem
7. System hardware and software configuration information
If possible, be at your computer. Your technical support
representative might want to walk you through the problem during
the call.
For the support telephone number and support hours by country,
refer to the following table. If the number is not provided, contact
your IBM reseller or IBM marketing representative. Response time
may vary depending on the number and nature of the calls
Online technical support
IBM Personal Computing
Support Web Site http://www.ibm.com/pc/support
IBM Automated Fax System 1-800-426-3395 (U.S. and
Device Name - IBM 8x4x32x8 MAX CD-RW/DVD-ROM
Combination Drive
Warranty Period - One Year