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Replacing the Battery

Battery compartment
RX2 IB - English version - Front
Size: 198W x 140H (one fold)
Print in Black
Material: 128gsm White Paper
Dec 16, 2010
Your Rz2 remote control comes with one CR2032 battery which must be installed.
When the range of the remote seems reduced or if it ceases to work properly, it’s time
to replace the battery.
1. Slide battery compartment cover on rear of remote
control off (remove old battery if replacing).
2. Place new CR2032 in battery well as shown
(make sure +/- polarity matches markings).
3. Replace battery compartment cover.
WARNING: Lithium batteries can explode or cause burns
if disassembled, shorted, recharged, exposed to water,
fire, or high temperatures. Do not place loose batteries in
a pocket, purse, or other container containing metal
objects, mix with used or other battery types, or store with
hazardous or combustible materials. Store in cool, dry,
ventilated area. Follow applicable laws and regulations
for transport and disposal.


Problem: Remote doesn’t work
A. Make sure you are within 15 feet of the unit and that the remote is pointed at the
front of the unit.
B. Try replacing the battery (see above).
For customer service, contact us toll free at 1-800-288-2792
99H Front
Bongiovi DPS Button
• Turns Bongiovi Digital
Power Station processing
circuit on and off
Reset Button
• Quickly resets bass and
treble to default settings
Shuffle Button
• Play tracks randomly from the selected playlist
Repeat Button
• Repeat the currently playing track

Unit Controls

Power Button
• Turns unit ON or OFF.
Lower/Raise Volume
• Raises or lowers volume
of the unit
RZ2 IB - English version - Inside
Size: 198W x 140H (one fold)
Print in Black
Material: 128gsm White Paper
Dec 16, 10

Please note that REMOTE and REMOTE IB is in separate polybag. DO NOT put inside same polybag as PRODUCT IB.

Play/Pause Button
• Switches iPhone or iPod between Play and Pause modes
Track Buttons
• Skip to next or previous track
• HOLD to scan reverse or forward within a track

iPhone/iPod Controls

Mute Button
• Mute ON/OFF
NOTE: this remote control may have features and functions
that don’t apply to or work with your particular iHome model.
iPhone/iPod Controls
Plus/Minus Treble Buttons
• Raises and lowers treble
Plus/Minus Bass Buttons
• Raises and lowers bass
RZ2 IB-121610-A(iP2/iP3)
Printed in china
bass treble
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