If you notice smoke or a peculiar smell coming from the printer, shut it down and unplug it IMMEDIATELY. Use of the

printer under these conditions could lead to fire or electric shock. Contact your JVC dealer. DO NOT attempt to repair the malfunction yourself.

DO NOT attempt to insert foreign objects into the printer, as this can lead to

electric shock or fire. If an object other than print paper is accidentally inserted, shut the printer down, unplug it and contact your JVC dealer.

Exercise caution when moving the printer. If you drop the unit, do not attempt

to use it. If during use you notice that the cabinet is damaged, shut the printer

down, unplug it and contact your JVC dealer. Use of the printer under these conditions

can lead to fire or electric shock.

DO NOT place heavy objects on the printer’s power cord, or leave the cord near any heat- generating appliance, as this can

damage the cord. Avoid

excessive pulling or twisting of the power cord. If the power

cord becomes cut or otherwise damaged, contact your JVC dealer. When unplugging the printer, DO NOT pull on the cord. Hold the plug itself and remove it from the AC outlet. Use of the printer with a damaged power cord can lead to fire, electric shock and unit malfunctions.

DO NOT remove the cover and attempt to repair or modify the printer. There are

high-voltage components within the unit, and the risk of electric shock and unit malfunctions exists. If a

problem occurs, contact your JVC dealer.

Make sure that you have easy access to the AC outlet which the printer

is plugged into so that it can be immediately unplugged in case of emergency. Connect the

printer power plug to a different AC outlet from the TV and VCR.


•The thermal heads, necessary for printing, are located within the unit. The heads can become extremely warm. To prevent possible burns and injuries, do not touch the thermal heads.

•When the printer is used for extended periods, the thermal heads experience wear and tear just like VCR heads. As the thermal heads become worn, print quality will gradually decrease. When you notice a decline in quality, it is possible that the heads may need to be replaced. Consult your JVC dealer.


If condensation occurs inside the printer, it may adhere to print paper during printing, causing poor quality prints and paper jams. If you think condensation may exist within the unit, let the unit sit for at least 2 hours (with the power on) to dry sufficiently. If paper is stuck within the unit, remove it before turning the power on. Unused print paper subjected to moisture should not be used for printing.

•Condensation may occur in the following situations:

1)In a room when the heater suddenly comes on;

2)In the direct path of cool air from an air conditioner;

3)When the unit is moved from a cool place to a warm place.


Due to dust or lint adhering to print paper, or to extreme variations in temperature, a small degree of colour smearing or lines may be visible in prints.

Failure to heed the following precautions may result in damage to the printer.

1.DO NOT place the printer . . .

... in an environment prone to extreme temperatures or humidity.

... in direct sunlight.

... in a dusty environment.

... in an environment where strong magnetic fields are generated.

... on a surface that is unstable or subject to vibration.

2.DO NOT block the printer’s ventilation openings.

3.DO NOT place heavy objects on the printer.

4.DO NOT place anything which might spill on top of the printer.

5.AVOID violent shocks to the printer during transport.


Changes or modifications not approved by JVC could void user’s authority to operate the equipment.