Dual Quick Set
Auto Clock Set/Auto Tuner Set
Dual Quick Set sets the clock and tuner channels automatically
when power is first connected to the VCR. The antenna cable
must be connected for dual quick set.
The time and date can be set automatically from clock setting
data that is transmitted by one of the regular TV broadcast
channels. We call this TV channel the “Host Channel” and it is
a PBS channel in your area.
During Initial Auto Clock Set During Auto Channel Set
The channels appear in
ascending order, beginning
with 1.
Dual Quick Set Completed
The current time (including
AM/PM) is displayed.
Make sure that the antenna cable is connected to the
VCR. Then connect the VCR’s power plug to an AC
outlet. For connection configuration, refer to “Basic
Connections” (Z pg. 6). The clock and tuner channels
will automatically be set.
Auto clock set is performed first. The auto clock set
function scans all the channels received by your VCR
to find the Host Channel and then sets the clock.
AUTO is displayed on the front display panel during
Auto clock set.
Auto channel is performed next. The auto channel set
function scans all the channels that are receivable by
your VCR. It then automatically assigns each
receivable channels to the CH▲▼ buttons. It skips
non-receivable channels. During auto channel set the
channel numbers are displayed in ascending order.
When Dual Quick Set has been completed successfully
the correct time is displayed.
is selected at the Override Auto Clock Set screen on
page 10, the clock will be adjusted automatically by
the Host PBS every hour on the hour (except for
11:00 PM, midnight, 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM) by the
incoming PBS channel clock setting data. (This
automatic clock adjustment can only be performed
when the VCR’s power is turned off. The clock will
be adjusted on the hour based on the time displayed
on the VCR, not on the actual real time.) The default
setting is "AUTO CLOCK SET".
If an incorrect time is displayed on the front display
panel, you may be receiving the clock setting data of
a PBS channel from an adjacent time zone, or an
incorrect PBS channel from a cable TV system. In this
case, perform the Semi-Auto procedure (Z pg. 10).
Auto channel set has already taken place and it need
not be set again.
If “- -:- -” appears on the display, your antenna cable
may not be connected to the VCR, there may not be a
Host PBS signal available in your area, or your cable
box may not be set to the PBS channel. If the antenna
connection or cable box setting is incorrect, connect the
antenna cable to the VCR or select the correct cable
channel. Then power on and power off the VCR; the
Dual Quick set mode will be automatically reactivated
and "Auto" will be displayed on the VCR's front panel. If
everything is connected and set correctly, perform the
Manual Clock Set procedure (Z pg. 11). Auto channel
set has not yet taken place, so please also perform the
“Set Receivable Channels” procedure (Z pg. 12).
Don’t press any buttons on the VCR or remote during
Dual Quick Set.
If you perform Dual Quick Set successfully, there’s no need
to perform the Clock (Z pg. 9) and Tuner (Z pg. 12)
procedures. If, however, you want to add or delete
channels, refer to “Add Or Delete A Channel” on page 14.
If you perform the Dual Quick Set procedure . . .
Select the PBS channel on your cable box before plugging
your VCR’s power plug into the AC outlet. (If you have
more than one PBS channel, you may have to select an
alternative PBS channel if Dual Quick Set is not successful.)
If there is no PBS channel in your area, perform the
Manual Clock Set procedure (Z pg. 11).
For automatic clock adjustment to take place the VCR's
power must be off and the cable box must be set to the
PBS channel at clock adjustment times.
If you perform Dual Quick Set successfully, D.S.T. will be
set to “AUTO”. At the D.S.T. adjustment time (Z pg. 11),
your VCR's power must be off and your cable box must be
set to the host PBS channel in your area for the D.S.T.
adjustment to take place. If the clock is not set correctly,
change the D.S.T. setting to “ON” or “OFF. See step 9 of
Semi-Auto procedure (Z pg. 10) or step 6 of Manual
procedure (Z pg. 11).
If, due to a power outage or other event, the memory backup fails,
Dual Quick Set is performed when power is restored to the VCR.