Cinema Screen LG’s Cinema Screen
technology limits the bezel to roughly 5mm,
giving it an even more streamlined, modern
look, while also providing a more immersive
viewing experience.
technology you can experience movie
theater-style 3D at home. Enjoy amazing 3D
effects, comfortable, lightweight glasses, 2D
to 3D content conversion, 3D depth control
and a clear picture from virtually any angle.*
FPR CINEMA 3D technology provides
a great 3D effect without the distracting flicker of active-shutter glasses and virtually no
Upgraded 2D to 3D Conversion with improved depth effect enables any 2D content to be
seen in immersive 3D.
3D Depth Control lets you optimize 3D content to your personal preference by adjusting the
amount of 3D effect applied to the content.
3D Sound Zooming offers users a maximized 3D experience with sound effect changing in
accordance with the movement of on-screen objects.
Smart TV A revolutionary, easy way to access limitless content, thousands of movies,
customizable apps, videos and browse the web all set up in a simple to use interface. That’s what
you get with an LG Smart TV experience, the next generation in entertainment organized within a
simple to navigate platform.**
You can get premium content from providers like Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU and many others
as well as access a one-stop-shop for 3D content called the LG 3D Zone and hundreds of
applications in the LG App store.
Incorporating HTML 5 and Flash allows the Web browser to function as a full internet
browser with video support.
The enhanced Smart TV dashboard is customizable so you can navigate and personalize the
interface by putting your favorite content options right on the main page.
Magic Remote Works like magic. Selecting features on your TV is as easy as the wave of your
hand or using the wheel option to scroll up and down through menu selections. TV remote clicking
is soon to be a thing of the past.
Additional Information
Model Number: LM7600
Screen sizes: 47”, 55”
MSRP: 47” $1,949.99; 55” $2,549.99