Logitech 880 manual Frequently Asked Questions

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9. Frequently Asked Questions

What types of devices can be controlled by the Harmony Remote?

The Harmony remote can control most types of devices that come with an infrared remote control.

Harmony remote controls use infrared technology. Will they ever use other technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi, or Fast RF?

Infrared is the common communications technology for most consumer electronics today. Other wireless technologies do offer some additional advantages for remote controls, which Logitech will continue to consider. Logitech researches and monitors all of the existing and emerging wireless communications technologies, and will continue to apply the most appropriate technology for each of our products.

As other wireless and digital technologies come into play, won’t an infrared device be obsolete?

While much focus is placed on connected devices (devices that are on a home network), the reality is that these devices will join a host of existing legacy devices, such as TVs, DVDs, and CD/DVD players – and these devices all require infrared remotes. So, an advanced remote control needs to be able to work with the current systems and components that respond to infrared, as well as with the components in the digital home of the future. The Harmony Remote can control both.

How do I know that the information I receive from the database is accurate?

There is a two-prong verification process that takes place for information entered by Harmony customers. First, Harmony engineers will validate the commands before allowing them to enter the public profile of a device. Second, Harmony customers repeatedly enter the same information about new devices, which serves as validation.

Can I set up my Harmony remote with operating systems besides Windows? All Harmony remotes support both Windows (98 SE & Later) and Macintosh (OS X & later) operating systems.

What is different about how the Harmony 880 controls aspect ratios in HDTV than other Harmony remote controls?

Depending on the type of setup, the Harmony 880 will immediately prompt for a change in aspect ratio when switching between activities or to a different channel.

The Logitech Harmony 880 Remote Reviewer’s Guide

Summer 2005

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Page 21
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Logitech 880 manual Frequently Asked Questions