This product is designed for use in Japan.Panasonic cannot provide service for this product if used outside Japan.
VE-GP10 Base Unit
KX-FKN523 Personal Phone
Backside View
Talk button
Speakerphone button
Numeral/Character buttons
Tone button (to switch to DTMF tone)
Flash/Clear button
Liquid crystal display
Voice change button
Multi-operation buttons
Redial button ( )
Phone book button ( )
Volume control button ( )
Off button
Hold/Caller ID button
Intercom/Character entry mode button
Battery cover
Outside call indicator
Intercom indicator
Doorphone indicator
Voice select button
Playback/Call Record button
Auto Answer button & indicator
One-touch Dial buttons
Set button
Confirm button
Redial button ( )
Short cut button ( )
Volume control buttons ( )
Cancel button
Flash/Erase button
Intercom button
Hold button
Monitor button
Numeral buttons
Tone button (to switch to DTMF tone)